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John Cena's post-WrestleMania departure reason is revealed

John Cena

The reason for John Cena's post WrestleMania departure from WWE is because he will be in a starring role in the movie, Daddy's Home 2.

In the original, Cena had a cameo in the final minute playing the ex-husband of the wife of the character played by Mark Wahlberg. Deadline reported this morning that the movie will start filming in Boston with Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, John Lithgow, and Linda Cardellini starring along with Cena.

The movie is more about how the characters played by Ferrell and Wahlberg, who were at odds in the first movie, are now best friends working together to raise Walhberg's daughter while Ferrell is married to Wahlberg's ex-wife. The other daughter that Wahlberg is raising, his own stepdaughter, is Cena's.

Cena is scheduled to work through WrestleMania and then has extended time off.

Cena has had an increased presence in Hollywood and pop culture over the last year, hosting Saturday Night Live, hosting the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards this weekend, and appearing in comedies like Trainwreck and Sisters.