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John Morrison addresses WWE release, ready for 'another chapter'


For the first time since being released by WWE, John Morrison posted a four-minute video to Instagram Sunday acknowledging his release, thanking his fans, and indicating he isn't done with pro wrestling just yet.

Morrison confirmed that he was released, saying that he got the call from John Laurinaitis that his "services were no longer required." He joked he didn't even get Laurinaitis' catchphrase of wishing him luck in his future endeavors.

He said the whole idea of making yourself look bad to make someone else look good is a foreign concept to so many, but that is what meant to him so much about this latest WWE run. He said he spoke to people he hadn't seen in ten years, both reconnecting with old friends and making new ones while working with some of the best production people in the business.

"The whole thing was nostalgic. It brought me back to how I felt when I was brand new to the business," he said, later admitting that he was always so nervous about doing everything right, even getting to the arenas earlier than most. He joked that by doing so, it actually gave him more time to be nervous.

He said the most important thing he learned during his first WWE run was that "it's not the stuff that people go to see pro wrestling for, it's the stories" that matter and that he happens to be a storyteller with tools like flips, kicks and hair whips that help him tell the stories.

"The great thing about being a storyteller is when one chapter ends, another begins," he closed.

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