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More WCW Thunder episodes being added to WWE Network


More episodes of WCW Thunder are set to be added to the WWE Network.

WWE Network News reported today that more episodes of the show are set to be added on May 20. It wasn’t specified how many new episodes would be included. The first set of shows were added a year ago, with the first 77 episodes being uploaded. Twenty more episodes were added in March, bringing the series through January of 2000.

Thunder first premiered in 1998 on TBS as a show designed to be just in big of scope as WCW’s flagship show Nitro. But the show was soon relegated to B-show status, and attempts to make it similar to Nitro in terms of star power failed. The show also faced problems when WWE countered with their own Thursday show, SmackDown. Thunder was moved to Wednesdays toward the end of its run but ratings failed to improve.

The show, along with the rest of WCW’s programing, was cancelled in March of 2001. That opened the door for WWE to purchase WCW shortly after.