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NXT Bel Air, MD, live results: Cedric Alexander vs. Bobby Roode steals the show


Submitted by Liam Renner & Scott O'Donovan from the APG Federal Credit Union Arena

- Lince Dorado defeated Blake with a shooting star press.

Blake is now doing a Rick Rude-type gimmick and got a lot of Matt Hardy "Delete" chants coming out. Solid match that had some fan interaction that included a "We Want Murphy" chant. Dorado won with his 360 splash from the top rope. 

- Liv Morgan defeated Aliyah

They kept it simple. Morgan wore black and orange (Orioles colors) so she was the babyface despite crowd not knowing much about either. Started slow but picked up midway through. A great series of near fall counters that saw both women rolling around the ring for about 10 seconds picking up 1-counts over and over on each other. Crowd came alive during that portion of the match. Morgan won with her finisher and got a decent reaction.

- The Authors of Pain defeated TM61

Crowd wasn't very interested in this one. TM61 did fight back after the finish and stood tall, which got a nice reaction. Sluggish and boring throughout. Mostly Authors of Pain working over a member of TM61 for before a hot tag, brief back and forth and finally the Authors of Pain winning. TM61 cleaned house after the match after the Authors of Pain tries to continue the punishment. 

- No Way Jose defeated Elias Samson

Mostly a comedy match. Jose was massively over. Samson sang a song about how the town of Bel Air and its people suck. The Drifter entered first, cut a promo threatening not to sing his song. As the crowd cheered that he wasn't going to sing, he paused, looked into the audience and said "I see you kid, you want to see me sing and I won't let you down" before being booed terribly and signing a song about how Baltimore sucked.

Jose came out to a loud ovation and dancing by most of the crowd. Quick match with some hard hitting portions, Jose won in the end and danced his way to the back. 

- Bobby Roode defeated Cedric Alexander in a great match.

Alexander came out to a great ovation and Roode's blew the roof off the place. Great back and forth action, great showmanship and spots. At one point, Roode kicked Alexander's legs out from under him while on the top rope, Cedric bounced off the top rope and went head first to the mat leaving the crowd gasping but the match would continue without pause. Many near falls but in the end Roode would use a low blow and ref distraction to help him hit his finishing DDT variation for the win. The crowd dueled "Lets go Cedric! Bobby Roode!" chants throughout and in the end Roode both guys received a standing ovation after the match.

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated Peyton Royce with the Asuka Lock in a pretty basic match.

Royce entered to "Asuka's gonna kill you" chants. Asuka received a very warm reaction from the crowd. Most of the match saw Royce beat down Asuka before finally Asuka started "hulking up", smiled and unloaded a flurry over punches and kicks, followed by a brief exchange that saw her counter a clothesline to the Asuka lock for the submission victory. 

- NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura & Tye Dillinger defeated Austin Aries & Samoa Joe in the main event.

Aries and Joe enter first, Joe got a loud ovation and "Joe" chants. Dillinger got a great pop and fans seemed to really be into him. Nakamura entered to his usual insane ovation. Dillinger and Aries started off, a great spot happened about a minute in that saw Dillinger taunt Aries with his "10" gimmick, Aries got up and challenged him to a arm strength test by holding up one hand that got a "5" chant from the crowd.

Dillinger and Aries would go back and forth "10"-"5"-"10"-"5" until Aries tried to trick the crowd by eventually holding up 10. Back and forth for a minute, followed by Dillinger getting worked over for a bit before Nakamura makes a hot tag, all 4 men brawl for a minute and Nakamura hits the Bomaye/Kinshasa for the win.

After the match, Nakamura and Dillinger would pose to cheers, Nakamura eventually took the mic, thanked the crowd, posed some more and went to the back to end a great night of action!