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NXT Ft. Pierce, FL, live results: Finn Balor & Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin & Tye Dillinger

Baron vs. Finn

Live from Ft. Pierce tonight in front of a sold out house.

- Rich Swann and Tucker Knight beat Dhinsa and Selmani

The big men put a beating on Swann early to build up the Knight hot tag. Knight ran wild with shoulderblocks and big clotheslines and then tagged in Swann for a 450 splash and the win.

- Steve Cutler beat Alex Riley

Heavy hitting match up with Riley laying Cutler down using a big spinebuster and even hit a top rope flying elbow. Cutler took control, used a side Russian leg sweep then applied a submission hold for the upset win.

- Patrick Clark and Kenneth Crawford beat Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe

The larger heels worked over the more athletic faces yet they were able to get some hope spots and showcase their abilities. Crawford stole the pin with a roll up to a good reaction.

- Manny Andrade beat Angelo Dawkins

Another very good match from Manny. He hit all his flashy spots and won over the crowd before the running knees for the win.

- NXT Women's Champion Bayley vs. Asuka vs. Billie Kay vs. Peyton Royce went to a no-contest

The heels worked separation on the faces early, keeping it two on one and keeping Bayley away from Asuka. Once Bayley scored a flash pin on Billie, Asuka snatched Peyton up in her Asuka Lock submission leaving us with the 1 on 1 we all want to see. Asuka and Bayley went a good five minutes of great action. Asuka was laying in kicks to Bayley who fired up, hit her flying uppercut, and was trying to set up the Belly To Bayley yet the heels ran back in to cause the no contest. Asuka and Bayley fought them off and had a staredown, handshake, embrace moment.

- Mojo Rawley beat Josh Woods

Woods used his MMA style to work Mojo’s arm in this one, yet before the match could get going, the lights in the venue went off and stayed off for over a minute. Woods just held an armbar taunting Mojo during this time until they got back on. Once they came back on, Mojo ran wild and hit the big punch for the win.

- In ring interview with Chris Atkins from Australia.

- Nia Jax beat Liv Morgan

Liv had some good hope spots to show her athletic ability, an amazing handspring rotation rana, some dropkicks and good fire. Nia hit the Samoan drop and a leg drop for the win.

- NXT Champion Finn Balor and Apollo Crews beat Tye Dillinger and Baron Corbin

Very good action as expected. Dillinger worked over both faces and Baron seemed disgusted waiting for tags. Fun stuff. The big hot tag to Balor and him running wild with slingblades and dropkicks. Balor laid out Dillinger and hit the coup de grace for the win.