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NXT Highland Heights, KY, live results: Finn Balor vs. Bobby Roode: Nakamura, Samoa Joe


Editor's Note: Thanks to Drew Hall and Randall Black for also sending in results

- No Way Jose defeated Hugo Knox

Decent little opener, though a little on the long side. Crowd was pretty into the match, No Way Jose got the wave started on a couple of occasions.

- Angelo Dawkins defeated Andrade "Cien" Almas

Dawkins won with a sit-out powerbomb. Seriously. Hometown pop for Dawkins. Almas worked heel for about half the match once it became clear that fans were behind Dawkins. They teased a heel turn at the end for Almas, but he shook Dawkins' hand and left so that he could celebrate.

- Bayley defeated Billie Kay

Match started off with Bayley wearing Kay's lace shawl like a horse tail and then playing keep away with her velvet gloves. Lots of comedy early. Pretty good match once it got going. Crowd was hot for Bayley.

- Bobby Roode out to note the fat, ugly, Kentucky rednecks in the crowd. He is the superstar who will bring NXT mainstream acceptance. We will aspire to wear expensive suits and jewelry like him. Tonight starts the new era of NXT. His era will be glorious.

- Finn Balor defeated Bobby Roode

Balor won with Coup de Grace. Good match. Crowd was into both guys. "Thank you, Finn" and "See you Tuesday" chants after the match.

- Hideo Itami defeated Wesley Blake

Crowd loves Itami; apathy for Blake, despite new music, gear, and "Beautiful" moniker. Early on, "Beautiful" Blake grabs the mic and chides Hideo for not wrestling. He calls himself the most feared striker in NXT and talks up his jiu-jitsu. Total goofball heel work, trying to trade kicks with Itami and failing.

Crowd chants "Bayley wants her boots back." Itami dominates and the crowd eats it up.

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated Alexa Bliss

Asuka won with the crossface chicken wing. Really good back and forth match, crowd was into the near falls and largely pro-Alexa.

- Shinsuke Nakamura & American Alpha defeated NXT Champion Samoa Joe & The Revival

Nakamura pinned Dash with a Kinshasa. Match started billed as an NXT Championship match, but Joe said he would never defend his title in a place like Northern Kentucky. The Revival jumped Nakamura from behind, but American Alpha makes the save.

Great house show match, lots of fun spots, including American Alpha and Nakamura doing a triple facewash. American Alpha worked over by the heels for most of the match, Nakamura finishes the match on a hot tag.