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NXT Houston, TX, live results: Finn Balor says goodbye


Submitted by Jason Hess from the Revention Music Center

NXT returned to Houston for the first time since September 2015 for another show at the Revention Music Center. Of the available seats, the only empty ones were the last row on the floor on each side.

- Mojo Rawley defeated Buddy Murphy with a lariat/clothesline in 6:26.

Mojo was over with the crowd and was good in the opening role.  

- Andrade "Cien" Almas defeated Wesley Blake with a modified DDT in 7:50.

Blake had some "Chris Jericho” taunts thrown at him, and the match was alright. There were some rough transitions in the match, but Almas wowed the crowd more than once, receiving “Si” chants.  

- Bayley & Carmella defeated Mandy Rose & Daria Berenato in 9:54.

Carmella did some pre-match promo work and got a “How You Doing” chant. Bayley got the “We want some Bayley” chant as well. Mandy’s promo was met with boos, and the match was on after the heels threatened to go back to the dressing room, only to be chased and brought back to the ring by the faces.

Great heat on Carmella with a good hot tag tease before Bayley finally got the tag. Bayley and Carmella hit their finishers for a double pin on the Tough Enough team. 

- Hideo Itami defeated Austin Aries in 11:09.

The crowd was into both guys and this match was great. Itami teased the GTS before hitting a running knee for the win. Itami received “Welcome back” chants. 

- NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival defeated Johnny Gargano & Tommaso CIampa in 19:16 to retain their titles.

Chants included “Johnny Wrestling” and “This is awesome.” Most of the time, I feel that the “This is awesome” chant is overused, but for this match, the chant is justified. Dash and Dawson retained after cheating at the finish. Post-match saw the Houston crowd give a rousing ovation for Gargano and Ciampa. 

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated Nia Jax in 10:38 to retain her title.

The crowd chanted “Asuka’s gonna kill you” at Jax. Both women worked really hard. Jax got a huge pop by doing a semi-People’s Elbow with a DX crotch chop thrown in, but she missed it. Asuka then won with a kick to the head. 

- Finn Balor & Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Bobby Roode & NXT Champion Samoa Joe in 17:18 when Balor pinned Roode after the Coup de Grace.

Nakamura got the reaction of the night, with Balor close behind. The crowd serenaded Finn with “Thank you Finn” chants, and the crowd sang Nakamura’s theme song.

This was a good match and the crowd was into everything they did. After the match was over, Bayley came out and put over Balor, Jax, Rawley, and Carmella as this was their last night in NXT.

Balor then put over the locker room, which by this point had come out into the aisle way to honor the four who were being called up to the main roster. Balor also put over Matt Bloom, and closed the show shaking hands and taking pictures with ringside fans.

If NXT comes to your town, make sure you are able to go. You won’t regret it.