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Orton-Big Show unsanctioned match set for next week's WWE Raw


Randy Orton and Big Show are set to face off, but it won't be at Sunday's Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

Orton vs. Big Show in an unsanctioned match has been announced for Raw next Monday (July 20). That was set up by a challenge that Orton issued to Big Show on Raw tonight.

Big Show has been feuding with Orton since Orton took out Edge and Christian. On tonight's Raw, there was a backstage segment where Ric Flair told Big Show he's picking a fight he can't win. Big Show said Orton was facing one of their friends in R-Truth tonight and asked Flair if he's willing to sacrifice his friendships so Orton can be the Legend Killer.

Orton then cut a promo saying that -- along with Flair -- Edge, Christian, and Big Show were part of his handful of friends in professional wrestling. But Edge couldn't trust that Orton knew what was best for him, Christian had to defend Edge's honor and face Orton in their unsanctioned match, and Big Show would rather avenge Edge and Christian than maintain his friendship with Orton.

Orton quickly defeated R-Truth with the RKO in their match. He went to punt Truth after, but Big Show came out to make the save. Orton said Truth's name wasn't on the punt kick list, but Big Show's is. Orton challenged him to an unsanctioned match next Monday and Big Show accepted. Orton then bailed when Big Show went after him.