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Randy Orton on the E&C podcast: 'I'm sick of this babyface thing'


On Friday's edition of the Edge and Christian podcast, Randy Orton made an appearance to discuss the current state of WWE and the time he's spent in the ring with the hosts of the show.

Orton made fun of his own metabolism slowing down and said he needs to get a little better with that, then joked about how Kevin Owens has it figured out. “He started fat and he'll finish fat," Orton said. "He's trying to get himself over as the fat guy that can fight. Bless his heart. That's great. I'm jealous.”

Christian mentioned “bad physique heat” where heels get away with being out of shape because it works with their persona, with Orton saying that he likes the term and shifting the conversation to him currently being a babyface.

“I love it and I’m going to use that, hopefully sooner than later when I turn heel again," Orton said. "I’m sick of this babyface thing, that’s for sure.” Orton also mentioned that he’d rather be wrestling in the Wyatt Family and wearing jeans and a T-shirt for the rest of his career.

Orton credited both Edge and Christian as being two of a handful of people who helped his career get to the point where it is now. He and Christian talked extensively about their World title feud during the summer of 2011 on SmackDown as well, with Orton complimenting Christian about how he put together those matches and how he gained confidence from working with him. In turn, Christian praised Orton and mentioned how he taught him to slow things down and how facials meant a lot in a match.

They then moved on to talking about their kids. Orton has two daughters and three stepsons. His oldest daughter was never into wrestling until his stepsons (who are big wrestling fans) got her to go to the shows, and in a way Orton’s stepsons got Orton and his family closer together.

Orton said that he really tries his best not to go on the overseas tours, but he has to be around with John Cena going part time. He also discussed how hard it is to run a family, the RKO memes, and more. The full podcast is available to listen to below (and the interview with Orton starts at 46:45):