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Renee Paquette's WWE non-compete clause nearly up, talks AEW


Despite leaving the company nearly a year ago, Renee Paquette said her WWE non-compete clause has still not expired but is close to being up.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc., Paquette revealed her status, adding that she still has a good relationship with WWE and there's no bad blood with the company. 

Dave Meltzer noted in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Paquette had an employee contract where she could leave with two weeks notice. However, because she left on her own, she couldn't work for a competitor for a full year and that unlike the 90-day non-compete clauses where talents are paid during that time, she wasn't paid for the year.

As far as what's next, Paquette said she doesn't want to separate herself from pro wrestling because she loves it and knows that's where her fanbase comes from. However, she would like to bridge the gap between that and whatever other projects she works on.

She and husband Jon Moxley have always both done their own thing, but in looking at AEW, there are "endless opportunities of other things I could be doing over there if that was to be something that came up down the line," adding that she hasn't put much thought into it.

"That’s interesting to be like, 'Oh, wait! I can do wrestling things again!’ That’s just been off the table for me for so long," she said.

Paquette would like to bring her Oral Sessions podcast to TV and mentioned how she loved what David Letterman did with his recent show for Netflix as well as Chelsea Handler's former talk show. She hopes to create her own shows instead of being plugged into something that already exists if possible.