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Sami Zayn tore both rotator cuffs, hopes to return in time for WM


Sami Zayn just underwent surgery for a torn right rotator cuff, and he'll be having surgery on the left one in several weeks.

In an interview with today, Zayn revealed that he'll be out of action for an extended period of time due to two torn rotator cuffs.

"Well, right now I’m in Birmingham, Ala. I just underwent surgery for my right shoulder, a.k.a. my good shoulder," Zayn said. "So, I’m out for a little while with that. I guess people don’t know about this injury; I’ve been working with it for some time. I don’t know exactly when I tore it. I think I tore it, or initially injured it, on a Montreal live event. Which is ironic because I injured my left shoulder -- now somewhat famously -- in Montreal in my [Raw] debut against John Cena. And at a live event this past August wrestling Jinder Mahal, I think I injured it then."

Zayn called his left shoulder his "bad" one due to past injuries and said it's never felt the same since hurting it on the Raw where he faced Cena in 2015. He doesn't know how long the left rotator cuff was torn for, but he had tests done to see if the right one was okay and the left turned out to be even worse.

Zayn said he'll be undergoing surgery on the left rotator cuff in about six or seven weeks. He mentioned that he'd love to be in the mix for WrestleMania season in 2019 and said he thinks he should be ready to return in time for 'Mania.

Before getting surgery, Zayn wrapped up his program with Bobby Lashley by losing to him at Money in the Bank this past Sunday.