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Tommy Dreamer: Big Cass 'doing well' after suffering seizure


After Big Cass suffered an apparent seizure at last night's House of Hardcore show, Tommy Dreamer posted a brief update on his condition today.

Dreamer tweeted: "Spoke to @BigCassWWE today He is doing well."

Cass didn't wrestle at last night's show at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but was scheduled to be part of the event after intermission. Xfinity's David Onda tweeted: "That was scary. It was intermission at the show, the lobby was packed with people checking out the merch tables. Cass went right down into his face. Fans immediately stepped back to give him room. Doc was called. Kind of chaotic. Dreamer was right by his side."

Dreamer addressed the crowd about the situation. He asked the fans to say a prayer for Cass and said that Cass had suffered a seizure. Dreamer stressed that it wasn't a drug-related matter and that he was with Cass all day. Cass was responsive after the seizure but was taken to the hospital by ambulance.