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Undertaker will appear on the WWE European tour


WWE officials have informed us that Undertaker will be doing two shows next week on the European tour.

Undertaker is scheduled to appear on 4/19 in London, which are the Smackdown tapings, and will be doing a 4/20 house show in Newcastle.

Yesterday we had been told that he would be off the tour, but it was explained that there was a misunderstanding and he is off most of the tour, with Kane replacing him in all the other cities that he was originally advertised.

Undertaker was originally going to work the entire tour doing tag team matches in most cities.  Last week he was pulled from advertising on most of the shows, but not all of them.  As of yesterday, he was being advertised for three dates on the tour.

Originally, the European Tour was scheduled to be headlined by Undertaker on one side and Daniel Bryan appearances on the other, so had Undertaker pulled out of the entire tour they would have lost both of its headline acts.