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VIDEO: Triple H teams with The Shield on WWE's European tour


With Roman Reigns still not cleared to return to the ring, another makeshift version of The Shield teamed together as WWE's European tour began in Glasgow, Scotland tonight.

Triple H joined Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose as they faced Cesaro, Sheamus & Bray Wyatt in the main event of the house show, with the match also being the first time Wyatt has wrestled since being off the road in recent weeks due to a viral infection.

Trying to explain the logic of teaming with Triple H when they were last seen on television having a heated feud, Rollins cut a promo before the match saying that he made a call he never thought he would make, that desperate times call for desperate measures, and he's learned that you always need to have a plan B.

Triple H then came out and took a vest from Rollins, working the match in Shield gear like Kurt Angle did at TLC. For the finish, Triple H, Rollins, and Ambrose hit a triple powerbomb on Cesaro before Triple H got the pin.

It was announced last week that Triple H would be working Raw's first five house shows on the European tour. He'll be wrestling in Brighton, London, Minehead, and Cardiff over the next few days. Reigns, Rollins & Ambrose teaming together was originally scheduled to headline the shows until it was known that Reigns wouldn't be cleared in time.

While the match may never be mentioned on TV, WWE has already posted an article about it on their website and uploaded a clip of it to their YouTube channel. That video is available to watch below: