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WWE 12-6 Charlotte, NC, house show results: Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

Submitted by Tommy Lee Dalton

- Big Show def. The Ascension. Mainly a lot of test of strength spots. Show was way over as a babyface.

- Hype Bros def. Stardust and Adam Rose. Mojo Rawley got a really bad Cena like gusher from his nose, but "stayed hyped".

- Miz def. Fandango. Miz then called out anyone else, so Jack Swagger came out and beat him with the ankle lock in about 30 seconds. Miz then called out anyone else, this time being Mark Henry. He then challenged him to dance off instead. He did a hilarious jig to "Dirty Water" and then as Henry started to dance to Michael Jackson (glove and all) Miz attacked him. Henry laid him out.

- Goldust def. Bo Dallas. Bo was extremely entertaining and engaging as usual, but lost.

- WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day def. Lucha Dragons & Dudleys in a really good match. The ref got distracted and Big E interfered with the Big Ending. Xavier got the pinfall but the Dudleys came back in and gave him a 3D.

- WWE Divas Champion Charlotted def. Paige. As you can imagine, Charlotte got the biggest pop of the night in her Cam Newton jersey. She and Paige had a great match with Charlotte winning with her Figure 8.

- Luke Harper def. R-Truth in a decent match.

- Roman Reigns def. WWE Champion Sheamus by DQ. Kind of entertaining at first, but it got boring really fast and turned into the worst match of the night. This is the same stuff you usually see out of both of them. Roman won by DQ after Sheamus got a chair.