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WWE allows the Hardys to wrestle at House of Hardcore last night


Although it was in a fairly limited fashion, The Hardys ended up wrestling at last night's House of Hardcore show in Philadelphia after all.

The Hardys took on Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray as was scheduled, but there were seemingly a lot of hoops to clear before the match could take place. Dreamer cut a post-match promo detailing some of them, saying that if it wasn't for WWE contacting him earlier in the day that the match wouldn't have happened.

Dave Meltzer reported yesterday after Matt Hardy appeared but didn't wrestle at the House of Hardcore show the night prior that WWE had allowed the Hardys to fulfill some independent dates that they had booked prior to returning, though the company insisted that no physicality was to be involved.

The match they wrestled in was fairly tame. The teams brawled for the first few minutes until the Spirit Squad interfered and were put through a table, with the Hardys winning immediately after that.

Dreamer referenced a situation where Ring of Honor and Joe Koff pulled strings to help them even though it didn't come together. Meltzer noted yesterday that Dreamer was looking for main event-caliber replacements for the Hardys before WWE allowed them to work the show.