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WWE house show report 4-9 Newcastle, England, Cena vs. Rusev and Orton vs. Rollins

Great night overall. In space of six months, feels like everyone has raised their game. Ambrose and Harper to open, which was fine. Lots of kids (school holidays and first time Cena has done Newcastle in a while) and kids loved Ambrose. Close up, Ambrose physique really does look ordinary. I was surprised by that. Looks bigger on TV. Ambrose win via dirty deeds.

Bo Dallas and Ryder next, both worked really well and did their best with what they had. Ryder win, Dallas in ultimate jobber mode.

Jermaine Defoe (premier league soccer player) was guest time keeper for next match. He plays for Sunderland, Newcastle's rivals, so big heel heat but nothing as bad as you may have expected. Crazy as Defoe scored the winning goal against Newcastle in the derby game this past Sunday.

Lucha Dragons beat Ascension, basic match.

Stardust over Goldust. Nothing special.

Cena over Rusev. Good match, Cena worked really well. Loves doing that second rope stunner, popped it out again here. Won with FU. Really over with crowd as expected. Lana was playing to the crowd male attention all night, Rusev told her off at one point. 

Paige tapped Nikki out in Bellas vs Paige and Naomi. Lights failed halfway through which was most interesting part of bout. Nikki Bella was desperate for attention and was playing face at points with waves and kisses to crowd. 

Ryback over Kane, Ryback was insanely popular with the crowd.

Rollins and Orton ended in DQ but this was a quality main event. Really impressive. I just kept thinking HBK with the way Rollins was working. Tremendous heel heat for Rollins and Orton really popular.

Most popular -


This was one of the better house shows I've been in a while.