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WWE Los Angeles, CA results: Brock Lesnar battles Alberto Del Rio for the U.S. title

By Guy Bogard

Dolph Ziggler pinned the Miz.

Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Brie Bella beat team bad. All the girls came out with Santa hats on.

Ryback pinned Rusev with the shellshock.  An older guy was the special ring announcer because he won it by donating at a charity event. First thing he did was grab the mic and yell "WHOOOO!" He then announced like a 70's or 80's ring announcer and was pretty good. After the match he was shaking hands with fans and did the Flair deal where you pull your hand away and run it through your hair.

Brock Lesnar beat Del Rio via DQ when Rusev ran in. A short match with Lesnar hitting multiple german suplexes and Del Rio kept going for the armbar. Nothing special really. After the match he F'5d both guys. Lesnar was the biggest star on the show.

Kane, Dreamer and Dudleys beat the Wyatts after Kane chokeslammed Rowan. Ok match.

Ambrose pinned Owens to retain IC title. Very good match. Very light PWG chant for Owens.

Reigns pinned Sheamus to retain the WWE World Title. Reigns was pretty much cheered coming out but during the match there was the dueling "Lets go Roman!" and "Roman sucks!" chants just like Cena with women and kids cheering and adult males booing. Not as fervent though. Good match. After Roman mentioned it was his first title defense and wished everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.