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WWE Milan, Italy, live results (Wed): Bray Wyatt injury during Roman Reigns match

Submitted by Erik Ganzerli

WWE began its Wrestlemania Revenge Tour in Milan earlier tonight in front of a nearly sold out at the Mediolanum Forum. Here are the results: 

-Cesaro b. Stardust with the Swing/Sharpshooter combo in about 11 minutes

Big pop for Cesaro who is kind of a homegrown talent here since he spent a lot of time early in his career wrestling here. Usual house show opener, good match. 

-Erick Rowan b. Jack Swagger

Needless to say, not as good as the previous match. For whatever reason the “Real American” Swagger entered baring an Italian flag. Finish came when Swagger applied the ankle lock, Rowan reached the ropes with the referee calling for a break. Swagger then tried to bring Rowan back to the middle of the ring. Rowan held the apron and the referee went to put it back into place. With the ref distracted, Rowan poked Swagger in the eyes and pinned him with a full Nelson slam. 

-Sin Cara b. Tyler Breeze in 7 minutes via Swanton Bomb

Short match, which is a shame. A bit of.comedy at the start but good action. 

-Kane b. Braun Strowman by DQ in 6 minutes

Loud reaction for Kane, stili very beloved. Horrendous match, Strowman hit Kane with a chair for the disqualification and was then finished with a chokeslam. 

-WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day b. Sheamus and Rusev to retain in 13 minutes

Not much different from the matches we saw on Raw and Wrestlemania with these teams. The New Day, needless to say, is OVER. Finish came after Woods, who was knocked earlier from the apron by Rusev, hit Rusev back with the referee distracted, allowing Kingston and Big E. to hit the Big Ending/Splash combo for the pin. 

-WWE Women's Champion Charlotte b. Becky Lynch and Sasha Hanks in a triple threat match to retain

As easily predictable this was by leaps and bounds the best match.of the show. 

-The Usos b. The Dudley Boyz in 11 minutes

Dudleyz very over, almost 50/50 crowd reaction to the point that Bubba, the true highlight of the match, at a certain point started loudly complaining in Italian and running down local teams. Usos won with a double superkick. 

-WWE Champion Roman Reigns fought Bray Wyatt to a no contest in 2 minutes

The match was immediately halted due to what looked like an ankle injury. It was bad enough that they immediately called for the best after the doc took a look at it. To cover for it they went to a LONG post match beatdown which involved Rowan, Strowman, the Usos and the Dudleyz.

When the dust settled, Sheamus came out trying to get a title match. He tried to Brogue Kick Reigns who avoided it and speared him. Reigns took the mic and said that while he had his issues with Wyatt, he never wishes an injury to anybody (which helped turn the crowd in his favour, it was 50/50 at best earlier) and then ended the show thanking the fans. 

Notes: since this is the first show of the tour the merchandising stands had a pretty decent variety of items: shirts for Roman Reigns, John Cena, The Usos, Dean Ambrose, and AJ Styles.