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WWE NXT 9/9 live TV results: Samoa Joe & Finn Balor team in Dusty tag Classic

By Emerson Witner, and Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known that on this, the 9th day of September in the year of our Lord 2015, we have gathered here on! We gather on this page not for Ring of Honor or Impact, but for NXT!

Join me at 8pm for our weekly live review of a taped show! Tonight in the Dusty Rhodes Classic, it is Samoa Joe & Finn Balor vs Lucha Dragons. Plus Bull Dempsey teams with Prince Pretty to face Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano!

Since last Wednesday night four more first round matches have taken place in the Dusty Rhodes Classic. If you go to you can see highlights of all the matches. Here are the current brackets and up to date brackets:

Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs Lucha Dragons
Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady beat Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

Dash & Dawson beat Tucker Knight & Elias Sampson
The Vaudevillians beat Blake & Murphy

Hype Bros beat Noah Kekoa (replacing Marcus Louis) & Alexander Wolfe
Jason Jordan & Chad Gable defeating Neville & Solomon Crowe

Rhyno & Baron Corbin defeating The Ascension
Tyler Breeze & Bull Dempsey vs Tomasso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano

1.) Carmella tapped out Peyton Royce

The Princess of Staten Island kicks the show off this week, going one on one with Peyton Royce. For the record, you pronounce the R like an R and not an H. This is Carmella's anniversary here on NXT, as one year ago Enzo and Colin got her fired from her job as a hairdresser.

They exchanged backslides and Carmella did the Moonwalk, which was credited to Michael PS Hayes. Peyton got a near fall with a Fisherman's Suplex, which was called a "Look at that!" The fans aren't as anti-Carmella as they used to be. Perhaps they are saving their hatred for Eva Marie.

This was a good match and Carmella won with an STO into a legscissiors.

-Finn Balor and Samoa Joe had a meeting, getting ready for their tournament match. Joe handed Balor his championship belt, after taking a long look at it.

-They showed a video of the four Dusty Rhodes Classic matches from this past weekend. So scratch what I said about going to to watch them.

-Nia Jax is coming soon. I feel like I have written that before.

2.) In a first round match in the Dusty Rhodes Classic, Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano defeated Tyler Breeze & Bull Dempsey

So I was going through my autographed 8x10's the other day and found one of East Coast Pro Wrestling's Donnie The Body Johnson, who did a Simon Dean gimmick. Something about him looked so familiar, so I Yahoo'd him and discovered that it was Bull Dempsey. Mind you it was Bull from 10 years and about 50 pounds ago, but still. He has come a long way from The Strand in McAdoo, PA.

Bull laid on the top rope like Tyler, much to Prince Pretty's chagrin. The fans popped for Gargano and Ciampa. Breeze was mocking Ciampa, so Ciampa gave him a David Schultz open hand slap to the side of his head. The fans chanted "Bull is gorgeous" when Tyler tagged out. Gargano speared Breeze through the ropes and kicked him in the head. This has not been Breeze's night.

Gargano gave Bull a kick to the back of the head and Ciampa got a near fall with a running knee. Bull squashed Tommaso when Ciampa had a sleeper hold locked on. Gargano tagged in and dropkicked Breeze off the apron, so when Bull went for a tag there was no one there.

Breeze pulled himself up on the apron, but Bull collided with his partner. Ciampa pinned him with a roll up.

-After the match Breeze attacked Bull and beat him down, including kicking the big man in the ribs.

-Sin Cara cut a promo in Spanish, so Kalisto translated it. Basically they want to win the tournament and it is an honor to wrestle Samoa Joe & Finn Balor.

-Devin interviewed Dana Brooke about her upcoming match. Dana said what bothers her is she had to watch Bayley become the Women's Champion instead of her. Dana wants to be known as the best wrestler NXT has and she said she wants to become the NXT Champion. Well I think Finn has her beat. She takes offense to people thinking she only has her spot because of her body and face.

-A Tye Dillinger video aired. He's the Perfect 10 if you haven't heard yet.

3.) Dana Brooke pinned Billie Kay

It's the night for Australian Diva's in action. First Peyton Royce and now Billie Kay. Rich Brennan said Billie Kay was tall, which led to Corey Graves being obnoxious. I swear I am going to start muting the audio.

Dana used some unique moves, including a headstand elbow drop and a headstand where she used her foot to choke Billie in the corner. Billie got a near fall with a Hurricarana and a boot to the face, but Dana picked up the win with a sit out Death Valley Driver.

-Apollo Crews referred to the NXT crowd as the Apollo Nation.

-The little girl who comes to every NXT show dressed like Bayley, met the new champion and got a tour of the WWE Performance Center.

4.) In a first round match of the Dusty Rhodes Classic, Finn Balor & Samoa Joe defeated Lucha Dragons

This match was actually taped a few weeks ago when SmackDown was in Providence. I was actually going to go to this show, but ended up not going. This is really interesting with them taping matches in different locations. Tom Phillips and Jimmy Uso were the commentators. At least it's better than Corey Graves.

The fans were chanting "This is awesome" during the opening lock up. Other than that the fans weren't into the general minutiae of this match. They did pop when Balor did his dive over the top rope, but they mostly sat on their hands.

This match only went about 8 minutes, but most of that was with Balor and Joe on offense. The Dragons got in a little bit, but this match was actually disappointing. I was expecting much more. The fans finally woke up when Joe got the hot tag, but died when Kalisto hit a really nice Tornado DDT.

Joe went for the Muscle Buster, but Cara fought out of it. Kalisto actually got a believable near fall with a Hurricarana, but Joe & Balor won with first the Muscle Buster and then the Coup de Grace.

-So that is it for this week. Next week it is the return of Bayley, but until then make sure to say your vitamins and take your prayers!