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WWE NXT June 10 TV results and recap: Samoa Joe's in-ring debut


By Emerson Witner, & Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

The Big News: Bull Dempsey is being buried. Oh that's not enough for you? Okay, Samoa Joe made his in-ring debut. What's that? That news isn't enough? Fine, Joe is wrestling Kevin Owens next week on NXT

Show recap: 

Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder defeated Mike Rollis and Elias Sampson

Useless trivia of the night: Zack Ryder was the pro for Titus O'Neil in Season 2 of NXT and actually came back to beat Titus during NXT: Redemption. I remember both of those things off the top of my head, but couldn't tell you half of what happened on Raw this week.

Corey Graves noted that Riddick Bowe follows him on Twitter. Well, note to Corey, Riddick also follows me. Go figure. Mojo is officially back from injury. Obviously. Speaking of obvious, the most absurd team in WWE history got the win over the faceless, almost nameless, jobbers. Rollis and Sampson got just enough heat on Ryder so it wasn't a total squash.

Mojo used the Pounce and they won with a double team spine buster/Rough Ryder combo. After the match, the winners went into the audience and celebrated with a bunch of people in Stay Hyped shirts.

- A really awesome Finn Balor promo video aired, hyping up his NXT Championship match July 4, live from Tokyo on the Network.

- A Dana Brooke video aired. I still hate watching her wrestle, but I swear, she really is a nice person. She returns next week.

Emma submitted Blue Pants

Ed Laredo is jumping up and down, Ol Blue Pants is back. The former joke NXT Diva vs the current NXT joke Diva. The fans chanted Happy Birthday at Blue Pants.

Emma destroyed Pants from the start. Pants tried to get Emma to dance again, so Emma stole the spotlight from her and attacked her at the bell. The fans were so into Emma's offense that they chanted “New Day Sucks”.  Pants made a comeback and hit literally many kicks to the head, but Emma won with the Emma Lock.

- Enzo, Colin and Carmella were talking all over each other backstage when Devin told them that next week it's a 6-person tag against Blake, Murphy & Alexa. They vowed to win.

Tyler Breeze pinned Bull Dempsey

Bull Dempsey is back. Breeze is doing a lot of these heel vs heel matches lately, which is kinda weird, but his new cape is anything but weird. A couple fans tried to get a “Baby Rhyno” chant started, but no one picked up. They had slightly more luck with the “Bull is gorgeous/No he's not” chant. No, that is not a typo.

Bull beat on Breeze and was ready to finish it off with the diving headbutt, but Breeze rolled outside and they started the chase. Bull made it almost an entire lap before running out of breath. No, seriously. He was winded. They tried a second time and Bull made it almost entirely around the ring, but Breeze dashed around, rolled him in and immediately won with the Beauty Shot.

What the hell was that?

Becky Lynch submitted Jesse Kay

Becky is now officially a baby face. I am happy to see her wrestling after weeks of seeing the same video over and over. Her opponent is Jesse Kay. I have no idea who she is, but I am you do! So tweet it to me. Jesse looked good and got a lot of offense in. Becky made her comeback, putting on an arm lock and dropping her with a suplex. She then hit a bunch of legdrops, used a wacky slam and won with the armbar.

- William Regal announced that Kevin Owens is allowed to do commentary during the main event. Bull Dempsey walked in eating Dorito's (PRODUCT PLACEMENT!) and said he was tired because he was up all night training and it will never happen again. 

Mr. Regal took his chips, so Bull started eating a candy bar. So William's big announcement is he is allowing Owens to do commentary? That's not exactly Earth shattering. Also, who's Cheerio's did Bull piss in?

- Greg Hamilton is with Jason Jordan. Jordan said his last partner didn't work out, but his next one will. Chad Gable walked up and said that when Jordan finally comes to his senses, Chad will be ready, willing and Gable. Chad also wrote his name on Jordan's locker space.

Baron Corbin pinned Angelo Dawkins

The fans turned on Baron when they realized he dropped the 30 second victory gimmick. There was seriously nothing wrong with this match, just that it went longer than a minute and this didn't sit well with the guys on the hard camera. Dawkins' offense consisted of two punches to the face and Baron won with the End of Days.

Samoa Joe pinned Scott Dawson

We returned from commercial with the hilarious site of Kevin Owens with his arm around Byron Saxton at the announce table, while the entire announce team looked uncomfortable. Joe's first televised WWE match in 14 years comes against Scott Dawson, who was once the partner of Rusev.

Owens mockingly marked out when the announcers got so excited for Joe's moves. While Dawson got slightly more offense than you would expect, this match was Samoa Joe's greatest hits, complete with winning with a Muscle Buster.

- After the match Owens went to leave when Joe took the mic and reminded Kevin of his threat to drop Joe. Joe challenged him to get into the ring and give everyone the fight they want to see. 

Owens said he is a good man by not dropping Joe after his very first match. Since Joe is an NXT rookie, as Owens is a veteran he pointed out that you can't just get an NXT Title shot after one match. Of course the humour was Owens did the same exact thing.

Mr. Regal came out and announced that next week it will be Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe in a non title match. With that, the show comes to an end. What will happen next week when Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens do battle in an NXT ring? Until then, make sure to say your vitamins and take your prayers.