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WWE NXT June 13 Columbus, OH, house show results: Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor

Submitted by Nick Garcia

The show opened with an instrumental rendition of the national anthem, followed by a 10 bell salute to Dusty Rhodes.

Enzo & Cass (w/Carmella) over the Vaudevillains via rocketlauncher in 9:49

Everyone was very over with the crowd. Enzo responded to the "Put your dukes up" challenge of Aiden English by making it a boxing match, complete with their partners as corner men. Aiden actually laid out Enzo in one punch, and it returned to a wrestling match. Lots of love for Dusty at the end of this match with everyone showing respect to him at the end of the match. Looks like a possible face transition for Aiden and Gotch. New music and they were invited to share the applause with Enzo and Cass. Fun match.

Bull Dempsey over Jason Jordan in 8:21

Still going with the cardio angle with Dempsey being challenged to do pushups, situps, and then getting winded while chasing JJ. I don't know that I'm a fan of the Bull gimmick, but following crowd favorites (Enzo/Cass & Vaudevillains) risked dooming BD and JJ. His gimmick won the crowd.

BAM over Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley after BM pins ZR in 10:16 while hanging onto the ropes

Crowd couldn't decide if they liked or hated Mojo. He did his hammertime move and forcibly kissed Alexa, being met with chants of "No means no". Also, Alexa is very believable as a mean girl. I believe the turn.

Women's Champion Sasha over Charlotte via submission in 13:57

These two are incredible wrestlers. Convincing a crowd that a belt will change hands at a house show is difficult, but it really felt like a battle for the title. Multiple submission attempts from both. Sasha worked Charlotte's leg and Charlotte sold it for the rest of the match.  There was a strange rope spot where it looked like Charlotte slipped while climbing the ropes. The response was excellent, as Sasha immediately played off of the opportunity to hit a downed opponent. Great match.


Bayley and Carmella over Emma and Dana Brooke in 8:53

Carmella submitted Emma with her modified headscissor finish. The crowd has increasingly liked Carmella, but Ican't say the same for Dana Brooke, despite serious improvements. Bayley and Evil Emma were adored. Fun match.

Tyler Breeze over Baron Corbin via pinfall in 8:42

Breeze won with the beauty shot over Corbin for the second time in Columbus. After the match, Corbin attacked Breeze from behind with the End of Days. Corbin is improving as a heel. Tonight was the first time I've seen him try to look intense and pull it off.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens over Finn Balor and Samoa Joe in 12:17 after Owens pins Joe with the popup powerbomb

Match began with Owens exiting the ring and encouraging FB/SJ to fight, chanting  "This is awesome- *clap *clap *clap *clap *clap -, right guys?" Crowd rooted for everyone, but KO did Cena's 5 Moves of Doom and had the pop of the night. Match itself was fast paced with heavy impacts. Everyone had heavy offense. Match ended after SJ hits FB with the Muscle Buster and Owens hits SJ with the popup. Good match. Much more intense than I expected from Owens the night before MITB.