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WWE NXT results: Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade Cien Almas; Austin Aries vs. Oney Lorcan

Cedric Alexander
  • The Big News: Samoa Joe threatened to destroy everyone on the show and then was never seen again.
  • The Medium News: Cedric Alexander debuted and defeated Andrade Almas
  • The Little Beaver Sized News: The Asuka-Liv Morgan feud continued

I'm back! I want to thank Paul Fontaine and Jeremy Peeples for filling in for me the last two weeks. The CM Punk fight and Backlash, back to back, left me so depressed that I beat up my computer and needed to purchase a new one.


The show began with a recap of the Nakamura-Joe angle from last week. Who was driving Joe's getaway car? Will that ever be mentioned again?


Speaking of Samoa Joe, NXT kicks off with the former NXT Champion marching to the ring. The announcers informed us that we still don't know Nakamura's medical status. Oh well, it's only been 7 days.

Despite the announcers not having it, Joe had Nakamura's medical report, stating the current champion had back, elbow, shoulder and clavicle issues, but despite all that this, Nakamura will not require surgery but will require 6-12 weeks of rest and rehab.

Joe demanded William Regal come out and either make a title match now or strip Nakamura of the title and hand it to Joe.

Out came our dapper NXT General Manager who confirmed the medical report Joe had is legit. However, he does not know Nakamura's status as of now. He stated that the problem Joe caused will be taken care of. Joe left the ring and told Mr. Regal face to face to make things right or he would injure the entire roster.

The last time Joe threatened that, he attacked Mojo Rawley and no one else.


- Cedric Alexander did a promo regarding his NXT debut against Andrade Cien Almas. He said tonight is only the start of his journey. He asked Mr. Regal for the best and so, he was given Almas.


- Liv Morgan has vowed to not bow down to Asuka. To show how serious she is, she took her hat off. Asuka walked up and told her let's find out if she is ready.


Austin Aries submitted Oney Lorcan

Two months ago, Lorcan upset Tye Dillinger and then went away. Maybe the winner's purse money was so much that he took an extended vacation. The two men exchanged headlocks at the start of the match, which led to a half-hearted dueling chant of “Let's go Oney/Austin Aries” that Aries orchestrated. Lorcan did not appreciate these shenanigans, so he slapped on the headlock.

Corey Graves called Lorcan's A Series Of Unfortunate Headlocks a “unique offense” which isn't technically a lie. Aries got tired of headlocks and threw Lorcan over the top rope, smashing his back on the ring apron.

Lorcan screamed to signal his comeback. Lorcan did a series of corner hip attacks where he would bounce off the opposite turnbuckle first. Aries came off the top rope and Lorcan took his head off with an uppercut that looked more like Street Fighter than Cesaro. Despite all this, Aries cut him off and won with the Last Chancery.

After the match, Aries cut a promo on Hideo Itami. Aries said last week he was at home because he had better things to do than be here on his day off. He would call Itami out right now, but Itami is a coward so he would not come out now. This brought Itami out, but Aries literally ran away when Itami got in the ring.


We got a video package for the soon to be debuting, ripped Dan Matha, coming our way in two weeks.


Last week, were catching up with Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa after their tag match on the Cruiserweight Classic finale when they were attacked by The Revival. Gargano & Ciampa got the better of it and The Revival ran away when security ran in.


Billie Kay pinned Aliyah

Welcome to the NXT woman's division in 2016. This was a match between two inexperienced ladies who each need a lot more training. Billie went for her running boot, but Aliyah moved out of the way and hit a flipping neck breaker for a near fall. Billie hit the running boot on attempt #2 and picked up the win.


Mandy Rose from Tough Enough threatened to eclipse Ember Moon. I honestly dislike her more now that Graves has centered his “Eva Marie infatuation” onto her now.


They are doing Asuka vs Liv Morgan next week alleviating my fears that this was going to be like Camacho vs Adam Rose from 2014 where they built up a nothing match for six weeks.


Cedric Alexander pinned Andrade Cien Almas

The fans popped big for Cedric and were more than a little disappointed for Almas. Stephanie McMahon got put over for bringing Alexander to Raw and Triple H got credit for bringing him to NXT. Alright, then.

Tom Phillips brought up that Almas is a former IWGP Intercontinental champion, but doesn't mention that he beat Nakamura for the title. Almas has this ability to turn the crowd in his favor, which is the exact opposite of how it used to be. When he debuted, he got the big reaction and then everyone turned on him. Nowadays, people are apathetic to him coming out, but he gets them behind him as the match goes on.

Cedric jumped so high on a tope that the ropes could have been six inches higher and he still would have cleared them. Almas used a deadlift power bomb for a near fall, which got him nervous when Alexander kicked out. Almas used his double moonsault that hasn't beaten anyone and then got frustrated when he didn't win. Alexander won with the Lumbar Check backbreaker. 

After the match, Alexander and Almas hugged as the show went off the air.


That does it for another week of NXT! Until next week when Asuka sends Liv Morgan back to New Jersey, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!