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WWE NXT TV Report 4-15-15: Sami Zayn vs. Rhyno, Solomon Crowe, Dana Brooke debut

Sami Zayn vs. Rhyno

By Emerson Witner, and Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

In a Loser Leaves Town Match, Solomon Crowe submitted CJ Parker

This is not an actual Loser Leaves Town Match, except CJ was released a little over a week ago and this may be his last match. Remember when Kassius Ohno was released but they had like a month of tv with him in a key storyline?

Parker came out strong, but quickly got knocked down by Crowe and face washed in the corner. Crowe hit a chop to the side of the face and a suicide dive through the lower two ropes, which just looked so different. Parker got a fair amount of offense and actually looked more impressive than he has at any point in the last two years.

Parker went for a Senton, but Crowe got his knees up. Parker actually landed on the bottom of his feet. Crowe won with a Diving Headbutt to the leg and the Stretch Muffler, which used to be the Brock Lock. Crowe cut a promo saying the real show is just beginning.

- A WWE SuperCard commercial aired, with Paul Heyman encouraging a Brock Lesnar card to kick the asses of the real life Uso brothers.

Baron Corbin pinned Steve Cutler

Baron is back. He's one of those guys they fall in and out of love with in Developmental, so I can only imagine how it'll be if he ever gets on the main roster. Cutler lost in about 30 seconds to the End of Days.

- Rich Thatshisname interviewed Sami Zayn about his match with Rhyno. Zayn said that he will not let Rhyno use him to get to the top like Owens did. Side note: I bought the WrestleMania program and it had Rich Thatshisname in it, with his actual name. Well I sold the program to a friend of mine, so now I have no idea what it is again.

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy defeated Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

I actually missed the intro for Enzo and Colin due to my Network being a pain in the butt. They actually had some new material and the fans were into it, so hooray for that. The gist of their promo was that they want a title shot against Blake and Murphy.

Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton are both in singlets, complete with Fulton wearing the Rick Steiner amateur head gear. He should just start barking. Fulton is actually almost as tall as Colin and as I type that Enzo got his first offensive maneuver in, as he used a drop toe hold.

Tag Champions Blake and Murphy sauntered down to the ring just as Enzo got knocked off the top rope. They had flowers for Carmella because a month ago they knocked her off the apron during a match. The champs left the flowers and walked away with Enzo and Colin seemingly not noticing. Colin got the hot tag and looked good. He hit all his big moves, including the Catatonic and they won when Colin threw Enzo off the top rope onto Dawkins with a splash. Enzo and Colin were mad about the flowers, but Carmella was cool with it.

- Alex Riley said he is not going away. I kinda wish he had. Anyway he will be in the ring next week and is demanding Kevin Owens be there as well. Yeah, that worked out so well for A-Ry last time.

Dana Brooke defeated Ol Blue Pants

Ed Laredo's favorite wrestler is back to lose to NXT's newest Diva. Dana finished 12th (out of 13) in the Arnold Bodybuilding Classic and is probably the 12th (out of 12) most skilled NXT Diva. This was bad.

She took Pants down and went for punches from the mount and was not coming close to hitting her. Obviously you don't want to actually hit Blue, but get your fist close enough that it doesn't expose everything. Pants made her comeback, but got slapped in the face and lost to a Michinoku Driver. Please make this woman train harder before putting her back on tv. I think she may be worse than Eva Marie.

Sami Zayn pinned Rhyno

This is Sami's first tv match since NXT Takeover on February 11 when he got beaten up and beaten down when he lost the title to Kevin Owens. This was a pretty good little match. It was kind of weird at first, with a lot of grappling, which isn't exactly something you expect from Rhyno, but it worked. Neither worked as heel, but Rhyno got the heat, for lack of a better word, but it never lasted long as Zayn kept making comebacks and being cut off.

Rhyno hit some high impact moves to play it up that maybe Zayn came back too early, but Sami fought threw it. The most impressive spot was Zayn hitting his Blue Thunder Bomb, just because of how thick Rhyno is and how...not thick Zayn his.

Rhyno hit the TKO for a near fall, which shocked the Man Beast. Sami slapped Rhyno, which caused him to beat the snot out of the former champion. Rhyno went for the Gore, but Sami sent him into the corner and then nailed the Halluva Kick to win!

A very good main event to cap off a mostly good episode of NXT. Until next week when A-Ry gets a-nother beating, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!

Next week:  
- Charlotte vs Bayley vs Becky Lynch in a #1 Contender's Match
- Alex Riley vs Kevin Owens