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WWE ratings roundup: Raw, NXT, SmackDown


- According to numbers released by Sports TV Ratings, this week's Raw averaged 1.823 million viewers on the USA Network. That's up 0.4 percent from last week, so essentially even. 

 The average viewership in the 18-49 demo was 621,667 viewers, down 9.8 percent from last week. Since last week's 18-49 demo rating was a 0.53, a 9.8 percent decline from that number would put the rating at a 0.48. That's Raw's lowest rating in the demo since December 16. 

In 18-34, Raw averaged 132,333 viewers, down 37.8 percent from last week. Last week's demo rating was a 0.31, which would put this week at a 0.19.

Year-over-year, Raw was up 3.8 percent in viewership but down 5.9 percent in 18-49.

- Last night's NXT averaged 700,000 viewers on USA, up the same 0.4 percent as Raw was. 

In the 18-49 demo, NXT averaged 199,000 viewers, down 6.6 percent from last week. The demo number last week was a 0.17, putting this week around a 0.16. That would be the lowest number for NXT since March 24, three weeks prior to the show moving to Tuesday nights. 

In 18-34, NXT averaged 46,000 viewers, down 6.1% from last week. Last week's demo number was a 0.07, so this would either be equal to that or may drop to a 0.06, depending on rounding. 

Year-over-year, NXT was up 18.2 percent in viewership and up 23.1 percent in 18-49. 

- Sports TV Ratings is also reporting that last Friday's SmackDown averaged 1.917 million viewers in the final ratings. The rating in the 18-49 demo was a 0.44. 

SmackDown's viewership was down 16 percent from the previous week. It's the lowest viewership number for the show on Fox since August 5 of last year, which was prior to WWE's move to the ThunderDome. 

The 18-49 rating was down 32.3 percent from the previous week and is the worst SmackDown has done on Fox in that category since July 8 of last year. 

SmackDown was down 6.1 percent in viewership year-over-year and down 12 percent in 18-49.