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WWE Raw ratings get even lower with 18-year record

Raw set yet another 18-year low in audience last night with 3.24 million viewers, down slightly from the 3.27 million viewers for the 10/12 show.

This show seemed to hit an audience base of about 3.18 million viewers, which is where the second hour fell to, with the Survivor Series match gimmick in the third hour actually increasing slightly over hour two. But the first two hours were way down from usual levels.

It wasn't the football competition, and it was without any baseball competition.  But the show didn't have the benefit of coming the day after a PPV like last week, and had none of the big guns like John Cena, Brock Lesnar nor any special attractions.

The Carolina Panthers vs. Indianapolis Colts game did 12.40 million viewers, which is the normal level, although it was a tight game.

The three hours were:

8 p.m. 3.38 million viewers

9 p.m. 3.18 million viewers

10 p.m. 3.19 million viewers