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WWE removes Jerry Lawler & Lita from regular TV duties


The WWE has confirmed today that Jerry Lawler and Amy "Lita" Dumas have been removed from regular weekly programming.

Both have been moved from full-time deals to Legends contracts and the decision was made to take them off the pre-show panels before Raw, SmackDown and PPV events.

The Lawler situation followed the pattern of Jim Ross, where, likely due to age, he was moved from Raw to SmackDown, then given a lesser role on SmackDown, and then the decision was made to remove them from regular television but keep them with the company, although Ross was later let go after controversy regarding his hosting a WWE event that went awry.

Both are still affiliated loosely with the company and may be brought back to television on the WWE Network for special occasions.

Last Sunday's TLC PPV featured a change in pre-show format with radio host Peter Rosenberg as a guest on the panel.