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NXT Gold Coast, Australia, live results: Nakamura, Tye Dillinger, and TM61 team up

Asuka vs. Ember Moon

Submitted by reader Richard Waterhouse

- Akira Tozawa defeated Andrade "Cien" Almas

Great match to start the night. The crowd popped at the right spots. He worked as a face and now when he screams, the crowd screams back which he fed on to get him over. Almas hit the double knees in the corner but only got a near fall. Tozawa then hit him with his German Suplex finisher for the pin.

- Billie Kay and Peyton Royce defeated Liv Morgan and Aliyah

The first Australians on the card came out and cut a promo saying that they want to be billed from Orlando, Florida, and not Australia, especially the Gold Coast. The fans kind of popped for Morgan but were dead whenever Aliyah had offence. Fans were cheering and booing all over the place, then Kay and Royce got the pin after double team knee to the face of Morgan So, the hometown women who turned on the crowd to get heat ended up winning. 

- Patrick Clark defeated Oney Lorcan

These guys did a great job considering they were relatively unknown to the crowd. This was a classic 80s style match where the heel Clark was over the top as he came to the ring. The crowd chanted 'You look stupid' (with an Australian accent which was wacky) in reference to Clark's ring attire. Clark yelled at the crowd 'Shut up, you wankers', starting the crowd going into business for itself with "You're the wanker" chants and "You're still a wanker" when he got offence. The crowd chanted "You're a tosser" and then back to "You're a wanker". It was fine for this match, but continued on throughout the night.

- Buddy Murphy defeated Elias Sampson

Sampson started cutting a promo and the "What" chants began. Sampson started repeating himself everytime the crowd said "What" which made it worse. Then, he started singing a song about how he hated the Gold Coast and everyone got their phones flashlights out and due to the small size of the arena, it was almost like the house lights were on. During his song, Murphy's music cut him off. Finish came when Sampson went for his guitar but the ref took it off him and Murphy rolled him up for the pin.

- NXT Tag Team Champions DIY defeated Tino Sabatelli and Riddick Moss to retain

Initially, the main event would going to be DIY and Nakamura vs. The Revival and Samoa Joe. Instead, we got a pretty average match where Tino and Moss were slow and plodding on offence. Crowd chanted 'Go back to football' at Tino, and this prompted DIY to do an American football snap in the middle of the ring where Gargano threw an imaginary ball to Ciampa for a touchdown. Match was pretty basic with the heels getting heat on Ciampa until the hot tag to Gargano. Match ended with the DIY knee/superkick finish to Moss.

- Bobby Roode defeated Tye Dillinger

Crowd went completely nuts for Roode, but they cheered as if both were faces. Fun match with both playing to the crowd. Dillinger was about to hit the Tye Breaker when The Revival ran in for interference and Roode got a roll up using the middle ropes with The Revival holding his legs. The heels ran off and Dillinger got up and just walked out. 

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated Ember Moon to retain

Crowd had become pretty restless and were just trying to start whatever chants they could to get themselves over. At a few different points, there were chants for James Ellsworth. The match was actually really good, but early on, it was ruined by the crowd until a few great spots which started the only "This is awesome' chant of the night. Asuka got Moon in a few submission holds, an armbar and a kimura lock, which Moon escaped before tapping out to the Asuka lock.

After the match, Moon extended her hand for a handshake on the ramp. Asuka hesitated then shook her hand and the two hugged.

- TM61, Tye Dillinger and NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura defeated The Revival, Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe

The original match was just going to be a 6-man sans Dillinger and Roode. After the heels came out, TM61 had a nice homecoming entrance but was spoiled by the heels beating them down. Crowd chanted for Nakamura but instead Dillinger came to even the numbers. Then Roode came down and they threw the babyfaces out of the ring.

Nakamura's entrance hit and the crowd went insane. When he got into the ring, the heels scattered, making Nakamura look really strong.  The match was then announced as an 8-man.

There was lots of comedy in the match, some so cheesy and over the top it could only be done on a live show. Joe didn't work much and just threw a few punches. The finish came when Dillinger hit a surprise super kick on Roode, followed by a Kinshasa by Nakamura.