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NXT Highland Heights, KY, live results: Tommaso Ciampa injured


Image: @briantheguppie. Report submitted by reader Zach Jones.

- No Way Jose defeated Wesley Blake by DQ

Jose was cheered heavily and there were lots of chants throughout the match. Blake was booed and he was treated like a proper heel. The match ended in a DQ win for Jose after Blake choked him on the ropes with his shirt. The match was short and the crowd was irritated with the weak finish.

Jose got his heat back by wailing on Blake after the bell rung. Jose posed at the end in Blake's jacket while his own theme played.

- Sonya Deville defeated Lacey Evans

The crowd didn't seem to know who they were. They got a decent amount of applause, though. Deville hit her finisher on Evans after about 12 minutes or so for the clean win. It was a decent match and the crowd was fine with it.

- DIY cut a promo for their match later. The crowd was very into them.

- Drew McIntyre defeated Patrick Clark

McIntyre was heavily recognized and cheered. He got a big pop. The crowd was fine with Clark and his shtick, with them even cheering it some. He got on the mic to say that Kentucky sucked, which even drew a "Patrick Clark" chant. McIntyre booted him for the pin in just under nine minutes, getting a big reaction in the process.

- Aleister Black defeated Oney Lorcan

Black got a big response. The crowd liked his flips and persona of sitting in the ring. He hit his finisher around 3:30 for the win.

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot to retain her title

Cross and Riot got decent reactions, but Asuka got a huge pop. It might have been the biggest of the night. She's a star. Asuka pinned Cross in just under 10 minutes, with Riot almost breaking up the pin attempt after getting knocked down.

- DIY vs. SAnitY ended in a no contest

DIY got a big pop and there were plenty of chants for them. Eric Young was very vocal and got some decent responses as well. The match was ruled a no contest after the ref put up the "injury X" after about five minutes. Trainers came out to check on Tommaso Ciampa's leg.

Young cut a promo after this, challenging anyone to take on Killian Dain. Kassius Ohno came out and a three-on-one brawl broke out with Ohno getting mobbed.

- Killian Dain defeated Kassius Ohno

Ohno had to overcome the beatdown and showed flashes of doing it before a slam by Dain ended the match after about 13 minutes. SAnitY tried to continue attacking Ohno after, but No Way Jose came back out to make the save. He hugged Ohno and raised his hand.

- Hideo Itami & Roderick Strong defeated NXT Champion Bobby Roode & Andrade "Cien" Almas

Roode got perhaps the biggest pop of the night. There were lots of "Bobby" and "Glorious" chants and the crowd sang his theme. He is very over as champion. Everyone else only got a decent reaction.

Itami teased a GTS and then hit it on Almas for the pin at around 21 minutes. Roode was taken out by Strong after he tried to use his belt on Itami. The crowd was very into the match. Itami got cheered for winning, but Roode was clearly the star.