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NXT TakeOver WarGames II live results: WarGames, two title matches


Survivor Series weekend in Los Angeles, California begins tonight as the Staples Center hosts NXT TakeOver: WarGames II.

WWE's second WarGames match will feature two teams of four battling it out. The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Roderick Strong & Bobby Fish) face off against Ricochet, War Raiders (Hanson & Rowe) & Pete Dunne. Undisputed Era will have the advantage in the match after O'Reilly defeated Hanson on the go-home episode of NXT television.

Two title matches are also set for tonight. NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa will defend his title against Velveteen Dream, and NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler again takes on Kairi Sane -- this time in a two-out-of-three falls match.

After Johnny Gargano was revealed as Aleister Black's attacker, they'll go one-on-one to round out the four-match card.

The pre-show begins on the WWE Network at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time before the main card starts at 7 p.m. Eastern.


On the pre-show, Matt Riddle joined the panel. He got the crowding chanting “Bro”. Kassius Ohno interrupted and promised to expose Riddle in one second flat. Riddle use to think Ohno was cool but he’s just bitter. Riddle walked off as the crowd chanted “Bro”. Sam Roberts pointed out they have a match next Wednesday.

Maura Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson welcomed everyone to the main show. Suddenly, Matt Riddle’s music hit and he came down to the ring. Ranallo acted surprised and noted this isn’t on the format sheet. The crowd erupted in a loud “Bro” chant and went crazy for him. He said he doesn’t have a match on the show tonight and the fans booed. Riddle doesn’t want to wait until Wednesday and called Ohno out. He said there are two rings and he’s going to knockout Ohno in both.

Ohno came out and said Riddle’s too stupid to know he’s not suppose to be out here. Ohno accepted and jumped in the ring.

Matt Riddle defeated Kassius Ohno

Riddle beat Ohno in seconds. The bell rang and Ohno tried to jump Riddle but Riddle knocked him out with a knee for the very quick win.

NXT Woman’s Champion Shayna Baszler defeated Kairi Sane in a 2 out of 3 falls match to retain the title

This was a good match with a hot crowd. Sane nailed Baszler with a dropkick in the corner when the bell rang. Sane was on fire early and rocked Baszler with a forearm off the apron. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir ran out. They attacked Sane and beat her down. They threw her back in the ring and Baszler locked on the choke to win the first fall.

Baszler nailed Sane with a knee at the start of the second fall for a two count. Baszler was firmly in control but Sane fired back. Baszler went for the choke but Sane scored a near fall. In a crazy spot, Baszler attempted a suplex on the apron but Sane reversed into a sick looking DDT. Sane hit an elbow off the top to the floor on the three heels. Sane won the second fall with the Insane Elbow.

Sane was on fire to start the third fall. They traded shots on the top turnbuckle. Baszler attempted a gut-wrench suplex but Sane countered into a powerbomb for a close near fall.

Sane went up for a second elbow but Duke and Shafir interfered. Dakota Kai and Io Shirai ran out to even the odds. Shirai hit an awesome looking moonsault on Kai, Duke and Shafir. In the ring, Sane went for the elbow but Baszler caught her and rolled her up for the win.

X-Pac was shown sitting a ringside and got a nice reaction from the fans.

Aleister Black defeated Johnny Gargano

This was a great match. It had lots of fast paced and hard-hitting action. They had a long stare down and met in the middle of the ring. Gargano slapped Black. Black rocked him with a boot to the face. Gargano went for a plancha but Black nailed hit with a kick.

Gargano sat cross-legged in the ring intimating Black. Black gained control and sent Gargano to the floor. Black teased a dive but did the moonsault into his cross-legged pose. Gargano jumped in the ring and nailed Black with a superkick for a near fall.

Black rocked Gargano with another kick sending him to the floor. He followed up with a huge dive. He tripped up Gargano and hit double knees. He then hit a springboard moonsault for a two count. Black attempted a moonsault to the floor but Gargano jumped in the ring. He hit a suicide dive into a DDT on the floor. He hit a second DDT in the ring for a near fall.

The traded kicks, superkicks and clotheslines. Gargano hit a reverse hurricanrana but Black fired back with a flying knee. Gargano attempted the spear through the ropes but Black rocked him with a knee. Black hit a flurry of offense and hit a German suplex for a close near fall.

Gargano locked on the Gargano Escape but Black countered into a pin for a two count. Gargano sent Black head first into the second turnbuckle. Gargano set up for the superkick but Black put his hand up. He did his pose in the middle of the ring and asked for Gargano’s best shot. The crowd went crazy for this.

They traded shots in the middle of the ring. Black went for a springboard moonsault but Gargano pushed him to the floor. In a crazy spot, Gargano went for a suicide dive but Black blasted him with a knee to the face.

Black stood in the ring and Gargano crawled to his feet. He asked Black to put him out of his misery. Black set up for Black mass but Gargano rolled him up for a near fall. Gargano locked on the Gargano Escape again. Black countered into a pin for two count. Black hit two sick looking knees. Black hit Black Mass but held up Gargano. He hit a second Black Mass for the win in an awesome match.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa defeated Velveteen Dream to retain the title

This was another really good match. Dream came out dressed similarly to Hollywood Hogan in black, white and purple gear. The fans love Dream and went crazy for him. On the other hand, they really hate Ciampa. Dream backed Ciampa in the corner and Ciampa messed with his hair. Dream slapped Ciampa in the face.

Ciampa took Dream’s Hollywood headband and mocked him. Dream gained the advantage and took over. Dream hit a standing dropkick and double axe-handle off the top. Dream put the headband back on and hit a big boot. He teased doing Hogan’s leg drop but Ciampa rolled out of the ring. Dream hit a cross body to the floor. Ciampa shoved Dream off the rope to the floor to take over.

Ciampa hit a vicious knee in the corner and followed up with a hangman’s neckbreaker sending Dream to the floor. Ciampa slowed the pace down and wore down Dream. Dream fired back and hit a neckbreaker. He hit the big boot and three leg drops to a huge pop. He hit a spine buster for a near fall. Dream worked over Ciampa’s leg.

Dream applied the figure four-leg lock around the ring post. He then applied the figure four in the ring but Ciampa made the ropes. Ciampa attempted a suplex but Dream countered. Dream gave Ciampa a suplex to the floor.

Dream went for a superkick but Ciampa moved. Ciampa rolled up Dream using the tights but the referee caught him. Dream hit a superkick and rolling DVD for a very close near fall. Dream went for a move off the top turnbuckle but Ciampa caught him with a knee. Ciampa hit Project Ciampa for another close near fall.

Ciampa tried to use the belt but the referee stopped him. Dream hit the twisting DDT on the belt for a near fall. Ciampa then hit the draping DDT for a two count. He set up for the draping DDT off the apron but Dream pushed him over the announce table. On commentary, Ranallo called Ciampa a sick SOB. Ciampa might have heard because he turned around and went after Ranallo.

Dream hit the rolling DVD on the floor and hit the elbow for close near fall. Ciampa was hanging off the apron and Dream attempted a second elbow. Ciampa moved and Dream crashed hard on the floor. Ciampa then hit the draping DDT in between the rings on the steel covering for the win. After the match, Dream was out knocked out in the middle of the ring. Ciampa crawled over and kissed Dream’s cheek.  

Nita Strauss was shown sitting at ringside.

Pete Dunne, Ricochet & War Raiders (Hanson & Rowe) defeated The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong) in War Games

Escaping the cage is an automatic forfeit. The two teams are in cages on the ramp. Adam Cole and Ricochet are starting the match. Undisputed Era has the advantage because O’Reilly defeated Hanson last Wednesday.

This was a really good War Games. It turned into a wild and crazy match by the end. Cole and Ricochet traded shots in the corner. Ricochet used a head scissors take down and standing dropkick. He went for a back elbow off the second turnbuckle but Cole caught him with a backstabber. Ricochet fought back with a running dropkick. Cole rolled into the other ring. Ricochet hit an elbow from ring two into ring one on Cole.

Kyle O’Reilly was the next one in the match and viciously attacked Ricochet. Ricochet ended up in between the rings and fought off both Cole and O’Reilly. O’Reilly gave Ricochet a dragon screw using the ropes. The heels took over and wore down Ricochet.

Pete Dunne wanted to enter next but Hanson stopped him and ran down. Hanson ran wild on the heels. He hit a cartwheel clothesline on Cole. Hanson then hit a series of running clotheslines on Cole and O’Reilly in opposite corners. He followed up with a broncobuster on both guys. Ricochet hit a shooting star press off of Hanson’s back on O’Reilly.

Roderick Strong was the next guy in for Undisputed Era. Strong hit running knees on the faces. He then hit a series of backbreakers on Ricochet. The heels took over and were firmly in control. The fans broke into a loud “Undisputed” chant.

Pete Dunne wanted to enter again but Rowe stopped him and ran out. Rowe hit a flurry of offense on the heels. Rowe hit a combo power slam/powerbomb on Strong and O’Reilly. The War Raiders threw Cole head first into the cage like a dart.

Bobby Fish was out next for Undisputed Era. Instead of going to the ring he went after Pete Dunne in his cage. Fish used the lock from his cage on Dunne’s cage to ensure he couldn't leave the cage. Fish then threw the key away. Ranallo pointed out War Games only starts when all guys are in the match. The Undisputed Era viciously beat the faces with chairs.

Pete Dunne was the final entrant but the referee couldn’t open the second lock. The heels continued their beat down in the ring. The referees finally opened the cage with bolt cutters. The heels tried to block the door but Dunne used a kendo stick. Dunne brought in trashcans and tables.

The faces gained the advantage. They beat the heels with kendo sticks, chairs and chains. Hanson put a trashcan on Cole’s head and put him in the corner. Rowe then picked up Hanson and ran him into Cole. Rowe slammed Hanson onto O’Reilly in between the rings.

The Undisputed Era surrounded Dunne. Dunne fired up and took out all four heels. Dunne got a knee bar on Fish but O’Reilly broke it up. He then tried to tie up Dunne in the chain. Dunne fought back but Fish hit him with a chair. O’Reilly applied the ankle lock using the chain. The Undisputed Era stopped the faces from saving Dunne. Hanson tossed Ricochet over the top rope to the other ring to break it up.

Fish speared Rowe through a table set up between the rings on the apron. Cole went for a superplex but ended up in the tree of woe. Ricochet set up O’Reilly on a table but he got the arm bar. Hanson splashed O’Reilly through the table for a near fall.

Cole climbed up to the very top of the cage. Ricochet chased after him and they traded shots on the top of the cage. Strong climbed up and they tried to push Ricochet out to win. Dunne tried to suplex Cole off the top. Soon the War Raiders, Strong, Fish and O’Reilly all got involved in a crazy powerbomb/suplex spot. Ricochet then hit a huge moonsault off the top of the cage.

The two teams went to separate sides of the cage and met in between on the apron. All eight guys started brawling. The War Raiders hit Fallout. Hanson then hit a handspring double back elbow on the heels. Ricochet hit a springboard from ring two into ring one but Cole nailed him with a superkick.

Finish came when Dunne hit the Bitter End on Cole and Ricochet hit a 450 splash. Both Dunne and Ricochet pinned Cole for the win. Dunne and Ricochet posed on top of the cage with their belts to end the show.