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WWE 205 Live results: The Creed Brothers vs. Jacket Time


Ivy Nile defeated Erica Yan

This was fine, especially for such a one-sided match. 

Nile proved early she had the strength advantage, controlling both a grounded and standing Yan. Yan finally created some separation with a rollup minutes into the match. Yan’s offence was short-lived, however, as Nile landed a step-up kick, leaving Yan laying. A dragon sleeper in the centre of the ring proved too much for Yan, leaving Nile with the submission victory.

Boa defeated Draco Anthony 

This match was utterly dated, to say the least. Boa’s offence feels like something from a bygone era, before the world knew of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and the east was a mystical region shrouded in mystery—utterly bizarre. 

Anthony gained the upper hand early but failed to convert into anything substantial. Unlike Anthony, Boa’s offence was significant; he landed a back body drop, followed by strikes and a butterfly suplex. On the mat, Boa squeezed Anthony with a nerve hold. 

Anthony tried to rally but was cut off when Boa grabbed him by the chin. This chin hold was so painful that he fell to the mat, leading to the referee stopping the match in favour of Boa. 

Julius Creed and Brutus Creed (The Creed Brothers) defeated Ikemen Jiro and Kushida (Jacket Time)

This was an exceptional match. The inter-team in-ring chemistry combined with the creative ringwork made for a great main event, even considering some early flaws in delivery. 

Before the match, the Creed brothers cut a less than stellar promo, essentially saying they were going to beat up anyone in their way. 

Jiro immediately fell victim to the wrestling of the Creed brothers. A series of Jiro forearms from behind allowed Kushida to tag into the match. Likewise, Kushida fell to the Creed brother’s strength after entering the match. 

Kushida was able to withstand the Creeds long enough to tag Jiro back into the match. Jiro and Creed fought back in tandem, but Brutus ended their comeback by launching Jiro onto the arena floor. The brothers, again, took turns throwing Jiro across the ring. An inverted bear slam turned into a one-arm powerbomb, comparable to a crucifix powerbomb, and yielded Brutus a near fall. 

Jiro escaped a bear hug and stalled long enough to tag Kushida into the match. Jacket Time’s tandem rally forced a pin breakup. The breakup bought the Creeds enough time to subdue Kushida and catch Jiro with a nasty slam. Brutus then launched Julius from his shoulders into a moonsault before hitting a standing moonsault of his own. Brutus pinned Jiro to close the match.