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WWE 205 Live results: Five-way number one contender's match


205 Live’s 205th episode opened with a fantastic video package retelling the brand’s history with a special focus on individuals who have called the show home. 

Curt Stallion defeated Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari, Ashante “Thee” Adonis, and August Grey

Ashante “Thee” Adonis rolled out of the ring following the opening bell, allowing the now allied Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari to control the match’s opening. Curt Stallion and August Grey fought off the team, leaving themselves alone in the ring. Grey tried for a quick pin on Stallion before the two locked up. 

Adonis managed to control the match by beating down Nese and Daivari in an impressive display; however, Daivari and Nese together proved to be too much. After sending Adonis to the mat, Nese and Daivari stared each other down for the first time. Grey dove onto the pair before they could engage. The match broke down into temporary chaos as the established lead broke down.

Daivari and Nese reclaimed the match from the fog. The pair dominated all three of their other opponents with little resistance. Both Stallion and Grey tried their hand in slowing Nese and Daivari, but it was an Adonis distraction that opened a window; Daivari slammed that window shut.

After prolonged offense from Nese with Daivari’s support, Adonis hopped in the ring. With Nese holding Grey down, Adonis was able to throw Daivari to the outside and catch Nese with a sleeper. Stallion hit the ring with furry and stole the momentum gained by Adonis. Stallion nearly won the match with a DDT, but Nese broke the pin. Nese, for his troubles, was hit with an air raid crash neckbreaker. 

Grey hit a DDT of his own to trigger another five-way chaos-filled sequence. Grey, Adonis, and Daivari all scored near falls in quick succession. A dive-filled show of athletics followed. Nese set up for a running knee, but Grey met him with a superkick. Grey fell into a pin just in time for the Bollywood Boys to hit the ring. The two focused solely on Grey, pummeling him into the mat. 

Adonis helped in ejecting the Bollywood Boys just as Ever-Rise hit the ring. Ever-Rise laid Adonis to rest. Stallion stood up to the attackers and gained control with help from Adonis and Grey. Dual dives from Stallion and Grey took out all four interfering wrestlers. Daivari snuck into the ring and hit Adonis with chain-wrapped knuckles. 

Grey broke up Daivari’s pin attempt before Nese sent him to the outside. Stallion climbed to the top rope but was interrupted by Nese. The two struggled for control before a bloody Stallion hit Nese with a Spanish fly from the top. Stallion hooked Nese’s leg and gained the pinfall victory. 

This was a high-quality match. Throughout its runtime, Stallion’s charisma stood out. By the final bell, Stallion’s triumph was hard-fought. This match should be nothing short of a launching pad for the new number one contender.