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WWE 205 Live results: Mansoor vs. Brian Kendrick


Mansoor defeated The Brian Kendrick 

Brain Kendrick used a headlock following the opening bell to take Mansoor to the mat. After some groundwork and a quick standing sequence, Mansoor gained footing for the first time by pushing Kendrick to the mat. Now angered, Kendrick failed to regain his lost ground as Mansoor landed a few quick moves to further his new lead. 

Following a Mansoor bulldog, Kendrick landed a kick to the spine to regain his control. Kendrick proceeded to dismantle Mansoor, turning his attention to his arm following a takedown. Kendrick toyed with Mansoor, kicking his head. Mansoor erupted into a rage and unleashed a flurry of strikes on an unsuspecting Kendrick. Mansoor landed a spinebuster, a pair of suplexes, and a falcon arrow all in quick succession. 

Kendrick followed a Mansoor powerbomb with a quick single-leg facebuster. After scaling to the top rope, Kendrick landed a butterfly suplex. Kendrick tried to pin Mansoor following the move; Mansoor rolled out of the pin into a pin of his own. Kendrick, in a state of shock, was unable to kick out. 

Kendrick and Mansoor completed the post match handshake ceremony that follows every Kendrick match. 

The simplistic nature of this match allowed Mansoor to shine in one of his best showings to date. Kendrick’s role as a reliable veteran suits him.  

A fantastic Jordan Devlin promo played. Devlin delivered a concise promo. Parallel to his transcendent work in OTT, Devlin’s promo was accompanied by slick edits and a dramatic score. 

The Bollywood Boyz hit the ring with two microphones and cut a quick promo declaring their return to 205 Live. 

A Curt Stallion Twitter promo played where he called out Tony Nese. He claimed that Nese’s interference in his match last week is the only reason he did not win the $10,000 prize. 

Tony Nese defeated Curt Stallion

Before the match could even begin, Ariya Daivari walked to the ring and gained the attention of Curt Stallion. Nese took full advantage and flattened Stallion just as the bell was sounding. Stallion tried to fight back, but Nese’s striking prevented any hope of a Stallion lead.

Stallion caught Nese with a quick suplex, which he followed with an air raid crash. Nese sent Stallion into the ropes to end Stallion’s offense. Nese then continued to brutalize Stallion as if he never stopped. A springboard moonsault gave Nese a near fall. 

Stallion slipped free from a torture rack from Nese and landed a German suplex. Stallion landed a few moves on Nese in the corner and scored a near fall with a DDT. Nese rolled to the outside only to be hit by a beautiful moonsault. Daivari gained the attention of Stallion again. Stallion laid out Davari but met the knee of Nese as he reentered the ring. Nese then pinned Stallion for the win.

Nese kept Davari away from Stallion following the match’s end. 

Another solid match to close the show. It seems as if Stallion might be playing a more significant role than one would imagine.