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WWE 205 Live results: Sarray, Creed Brothers in action


Sarray defeated Amari Miller

This match was not great. Miller’s ring work was weak, both while she was on the offensive and while selling.

Seeing Sareee, now Sarray, brought a smile to my face. An A-List freelancer while in Japan, Sarray should be can’t miss for WWE. Now to figure out why she is on 205 Live.

The match started with Sarray taking control of the arm. Miller rolled around, trying to free herself from Sarray. Eventually she succeeded, connecting with a clothesline before taking the match to the mat. From this point on, Miller had a strong, if unsuspected, stint of offense.

Sarray connected with a kick, sending Miller into the ropes. A dropkick to Miller left her prone. Sarray succeeded in the following pin attempt, leaving her with a victory on her 205 Live debut.

The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed) defeated Demetri Jackson & Andrew Longheart

The Creed Brothers, legitimate amateur wrestlers with stellar backgrounds who are part of Diamond Mine, put on a strong display. After crushing their opponents for a couple minutes, Brutus secured the pin.

Not a bad squash, but not an outstanding one either.

Malcolm Bivens cut a promo after the match hyping up the Creed Brothers and Diamond Mine. He challenged anyone on the WWE roster on their behalf.

Grayson Waller defeated Trey Baxter

This, just like everything else on tonight’s card, was fine at best. Almost inoffensive to a point of offense.

After a flip and roll filled opening sequence, a rana from Baxter opened up Waller for an offensive sequence. A backbreaker put a pause to Baxter’s early lead. 

Waller’s offense was longer-lived than Baxter’s. After an elbow drop, Waller took the match to the mat.

Baxter rolled through what seemed like a piledriver attempt, landing a DDT. This, again, allowed Baxter to connect with a flurry of offense, punctuated with a pair of beautiful dives, one outside and one in. Waller kicked out of the pin attempt that followed. This marked the end of Baxter's offense, however, as Waller connected with his finish following a moment of separation to abruptly close the match.