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WWE 205 Live results: Tony Nese vs. Chase Parker


Mansoor defeated Tehuti Miles

As the bell sounded, Tehuti Miles threw his jacket in the face of Mansoor, which diverted the attention of Mansoor and allowed Miles to connect with multiple strikes. Miles stepped away momentarily after Mansoor crumbled in the corner. Mansoor took this as an opportunity as he attacked Miles on his way back but his offense was cut short by a Miles knee strike. 

Miles whipped Mansoor into the corner, Mansoor crumbled. Miles hunched over his fallen opponent in jest. Monsoon took advantage once more by grabbing the leg of Miles and securing a headlock. Miles after receiving a few strikes to the head rose back to a standing position from where he grabbed Mansoor.

Miles connected with enough strikes to force a referee break. Mansoor used the time provided to recoup partially. Mansoor stuffed a head smash and began to strike Miles. Mansoor’s striking moved the two across the ring. Mansoor attempted to punctuate his attack with a backdrop and a pin, but Miles kicked out. Mansoor used a standing suplex, Miles kicked from the pin that followed. 

Mansoor grabbed Miles in a chinlock. Miles fought to free himself from said hold, which he eventually did by rolling Mansoor to the outside. Mansoor tried to return to the ring quickly, but was met with a dropkick while standing on the apron. Miles took his offense to the outside. 

Miles drove the body of Mansoor into the barricade and plexiglass shield. Miles returned to the ring as did Mansoor at the count of nine. Miles connected with a neckbreaker followed by an extended period on the mat. He connected with a facebuster followed by a failed pin attempt.

Miles tried to send Mansoor to the outside again. Mansoor landed on the apron and ducked the followup attack from Miles, who was left in a flummox. He was then hit with a neckbreaker. Mansoor entered a fury from where he unloaded on Miles. An inverted atomic drop set Mansoor in position. He lifted Miles onto his shoulders, pulled in his head, and connected with what appeared to be the one-winged angel for the win.

This match worked fine in validating Mansoor’s win from last week (in a much better match) as well as further establishing his new finish. It played off of a simple story of overconfidence meeting persistence and done so adequately. Not fantastic but it served its purpose. 

A look in at an El Legado del Fantasma meeting followed. The meeting basically glossed over recent events in a vague way before Santos Escobar made some ominous statements in regard to the future. 

Tony Nese defeated Chase Parker (with Matt Martel)  

Tony Nese quickly tossed Chase Parker to the mat as the match got underway. Nese allowed Parker to return to his feet, but took him down with a single leg in the moments that followed. Neese attacked the ankle of Parker with a pair of holds. Parker tried to fight to his feet, but was flattened with a shoulder tackle. Nese then locked on, what was described by commentary as a leg-based abdominal stretch. Nese transitioned to the arm of Parker from where Parker was able to try for and succeed in forcing a referee break. 

Matt Martel grabbed the leg of Nese as he attempted to follow up. Nese was not caught off guard, however, as he connected with a back elbow on Parker who was trying to run at his seemingly distracted opponent. Nese then performed a fantastically athletic offensive sequence. Parker kicked out from the pin attempt that followed early. Nese then temporarily turned his attention back to the arm of Parker. 

Nese then ran Parker across the ring for a leaping rope cutter. Once on the floor following the cutter, Nese was confronted by Martel. This allowed for Parker to connect with a dropkick on the distracted Nese. Parker turned his attention to the left arm of Nese. A bulldog sent Nese to the mat from where Parker continued the attack on the arm. 

Nese finally produced some separation by driving Parker into the turnbuckle. Nese furthered the separation and a subsequent momentum shift with a kick to a midsection. This led perfectly into a high-speed sequence which was culminated with a spinning heel kick. Nese followed up with a moonsault and a pin attempt from which Parker kicked out.

 Nese lifted Parker for a driver, but was interrupted by Martel. Nese then drove the body of Parker into Martel, effectively stifling his interference. Nese tried for the driver again, but Parker rolled through. Nese responded to Parker with a spinning kick and a successful pin. 

Martel blindsided Nese following the match, but before Parker could aid in the delivery of their team finish, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott hit the ring for the save. 

This was a fine match with entertaining athleticism. Seeing follow up with the budding Nese/Scott alliance is an interest builder. Really there is nothing about this match to complain about. 

All in all this show was a solid and easy watch. The narrative elements aided in the show’s digestibility as did the short match times. A fine episode that seemingly will be built upon.