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WWE 205 Live results: Two in-ring debuts


Edris Enofe defeated Malik Blade

This match consisted of basic groundwork and some arm drags. It was fine.

The debuting Enofe traded quick pin attempts early in the match. Likewise, the pair traded mat control as the opening sequence took form. Blade connected with a top rope dropkick before attempting a splash that Enofe evaded. Enofe capitalised, connecting with a spinebuster and standing moonsault for the win.

Tiffany Stratton defeated Amari Miller

Stratton, before making her debut, cut a 2001 popular girl promo in the ring—my dad is rich, I’m hot, etc. The match was not great. 

Miller gained ground control as the match began. After Stratton reversed the momentum in her favour, she connected with underhanded offence—working the fingers, stomping the feet, etc. Stratton tried to roll up Miller, but something caused an awkward fumble. Miller tried pinning Stratton herself, but Stratton escaped. Stratton transitioned into another pin that resulted in a debut victory. 

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter defeated Valentina Feroz & Yulisa Leon

A video presentation before the match revealed Catanzaro and Carter like to attend music festivals. Neat. 

Even though this match formula is threadbare, what was delivered was quite enjoyable. 

Leon and Carter opened the match. The pair went back and forth, both in moves and dance, before Catanzaro and Feroz tagged in. Catanzaro gained control before Carter re-entered the ring. 

Feroz caught Carter in the ropes with an armbar, resulting in her team’s first stint of control; this continued as Leon and Feroz traded tags. Feroz and Leon took turns working Carter’s arm and throwing her across the ring. 

Carter eventually fought through, resulting in a hot tag. Catanzaro regained control, and with aid from Carter, hit Leon with a flipping dive. Carter pinned Leon to close the match.