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WWE Hampton, VA, live results: Lashley teams with Strowman


Submitted by Michael Bryan Kidd

- Raw Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt defeated The Revival to retain their titles

Matt's family was in the front row, with Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder interacting with King Maxel. After Hardy and Wyatt retained with a combined Sister Abigail and Twist of Fate, they went out and got Maxel and held him on Matt's shoulders. When Matt tried to leave, Maxel ran the other way around the ring.

The match was nothing remarkable, but the crowd loved Matt. They liked Wyatt, but Matt's reaction was huge.

- Natalya defeated Mickie James

Natalya won by submission. The crowd either didn't hear or didn't care that James was from Virginia, as Natalya got a much bigger reaction and played to the crowd a lot. There wasn't much to the match.

- Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler defeated Titus Worldwide (Apollo Crews & Titus O'Neil)

This was a good match. The crowd liked everyone, to the point that I'm not sure they knew who the heels were. Crews worked 80 percent of the match and the crowd chanted "We want Titus" at one point.

O'Neil was pinned after getting hit with a thumb to the eye and given the Zig-Zag/big boot.

- Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins defeated Elias, Bobby Roode, and Finn Balor to retain his title

Elias performed to a lot of boos before finally being cut off by Roode’s entrance. Roode and Balor got big reactions, but Rollins received the biggest pop of the night by far.

They had easily the best match of the night. Roode tended to be the heel half of whoever he worked with, though he didn’t cheat. The crowd buzzed big when Rollins and Balor faced off. Rollins hit the Curb Stomp on Elias for the win.

- Roman Reigns wasn't on the show but was one of the people shown on the video screen during a "Guess Who I Am" game, getting more boos than anyone else all night.

- Baron Corbin & The Authors of Pain defeated No Way Jose & Breezango

Corbin won by hitting the End of Days on Jose. Jose had a strong reaction at an NXT event I attended about 18 months ago, but he got nothing here.

- Raw Women's Champion Nia Jax defeated Alexa Bliss, Bayley, and Sasha Banks to retain her title

Jax got a surprisingly big reaction, Banks and Bliss were cheered, and Bayley was booed more than anyone else. The crowd cheered big whenever Jax hit a big move or got her hands on Bliss. She pinned Bliss to retain.

- Bobby Lashley & Braun Strowman defeated Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Lashley got a pop but not a big one. Strowman's reaction was big. Owens and Zayn didn't receive a lot of boos at first, but they got the crowd going by constantly tagging in and out and not facing Lashley.

Lashley ended up getting a big reaction every time he hit Owens or Zayn with a big move. The heels isolated Lashley and wouldn’t let him tag Strowman for a long time, then Strowman finally got in and destroyed them both. He got the pin on Owens.