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WWE Main Event results: Carrillo vs. Ricochet, Brooke vs. Royce

Ricochet vs. Humberto Carrillo

The Big Takeaways:

Dana Brooke returned to WWE Main Event after a long absence to pick up a win over Peyton Royce while Ricochet bested Humberto Carrillo in a very solid contest.

Show Recap:

Dana Brooke (w/ Mandy Rose) defeated Peyton Royce (5:39)

While this was Brookie's first appearance on Main Event in well over a year, this marked a debut of sorts for Mandy Rose despite never not working a match on the show.

Rose never got involved, but came in the ring post-match to celebrate. In many ways, a tag match would have been more interesting and entertaining so perhaps that is what’s coming next week.

Brooke and Royce were ok together in this one. Brooke has certainly made some in-ring progress since her last outing on Main Event back in October 2019. Royce seems a little listless since the Iiconics split, but has so much charisma that it seems like a waste to see her on a show like this.

This went pretty much 50-50 with quite a bit of neat mat work with Brooke getting the win after a nice spinning neckbreaker. 

Ricochet defeated Humberto Carrillo (9:20)

This was a very good, honest contest between two babyfaces who have everything in their locker needed to put on a well-paced ten minute match. It was good that they got a little longer than the usual Main Event matches get because this was pretty great.

The first half saw the pair flipping out of each other’s holds, trying to outdo one another. This culminated in them both pulling superhero poses as we headed to the break.

In the second half, they went for power moves rather than mat work until they both hit kicks to the head in the middle of the ring, staying down so that the ref could start a count. They got up at around the five mark and moved to separate corners to reset again.

In the last minutes, the story became about near falls and who could finally get it done. Carrillo hit a facebuster which has notched him a few wins of late, but Ricochet kicked out. Ricochet tried a spinning brainbuster, but that wasn’t enough.

Ricochet finally managed to connect with the Recoil for a hard earned win that hopefully means we get this again next week.

Final Thoughts:

A good pair of matches, especially the men’s bout, made for a very watchable Main Event again this week. It would be still be better to see some fresh blood on the show, but at least they shone a light on the women’s roster for once.