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WWE Main Event results: Gulak vs. Tozawa, Ali vs. Ricochet


Mustafa Ali defeated Ricochet (5:50)

There was a fair bit of Twitter buzz and build up around this one with Ricochet cutting a promo via his social media platforms this week. Randy Orton even gave it a little nudge late on Thursday.

Don’t get me wrong: it was very good, but it wasn’t quite what I had hoped. For one, they didn’t get nearly enough time and quite clearly should have topped the bill. It also had a finish that meant that we probably get this again next week.

There were some creative and well executed spots. Ricochet used a beautiful bridging pin out of a German suplex and Ali used a nice tornado DDT, not to mention some pretty intricate mat work.

In the end, Ali was trying to crawl under the bottom rope to take a breather and Ricochet was pulling his left leg to stop him. His boot came off in Ricochet’s hands which allowed enough distraction for Ali to not only roll him up but to use the second rope for leverage as well.

The ref saw nothing and Ali ran off delighted with his stolen win, announcing himself to Ricochet as "Main Event Mustafa" with arms aloft. This was a very fun match, but could and should have been more.

Drew Gulak defeated Akira Tozawa (9:13)

These two are really good and they showed that here with some really fine work together. The problem is they are probably the two biggest losers in the company. Gulak has two victories in the last six months while Tozawa has only one.

For someone like Tozawa who works so hard every match, flipping around and working some pretty risky high spots with such assurance has to be a grind not to be trusted with more or given more respect. 

Tozawa did an incredible rana and followed it up with a top rope cannonball for a near fall. Gulka then tied him up with an STF, but Tozawa broke it at the ropes. Tozawa tried a top rope senton but Gulak caught him and managed to get the win with the Gu-Lock. 

Such a creative finish was performed with such precision because these two know exactly what they’re doing. 

Final Thoughts:

It must be fairly galling for these four that their work here, that has such a limited viewership, was easily better than almost everything on this week’s Raw. Getting eyeballs on their work is not getting any easier with it already behind a paywall in the U.S. and currently unavailable in the UK. Catch this if you can as it’s a totally watchable show.