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WWE Main Event results: Mansoor & Ali vs. Lucha House Party


Jeff Hardy defeated Cedric Alexander (6:11)

Hardy still garners a nice pop when he comes out and is always generous with a live crowd. I have seen him go out of his way at house shows to high five as many fans as he can and you have to feel that he’s wasted on this show every week.

Alexander has been down on his luck of late. Since the Hurt Business run, he and Shelton Benjamin have found themselves recycled on Main Event and sporadic Raw losses.

They worked well together. After Hardy kicked out of the Michinoku Driver for an early near fall, the finish was all about Hardy. He caught Alexander with a kick after he ducked under a telegraphed clothesline attempt and then nailed him with the Twist of Fate. He went up top and hit the swanton bomb for the win.

This was fine while it lasted, but Hardy's win last week against Benjamin in San Diego was a better contest. After counting along with the pinfall, the fans really reacted when Hardy got the victory. No doubt about it: Hardy is still very much over.

Alexander is now without a win since May. Do with that what you will.

Mansoor & Mustafa Ali defeated Lucha House Party (6:58)

Mansoor and Ali are working a gimmick where Mansoor is a babyface and Ali is a heel. At every possible opportunity, Ali berated Mansoor for his actions as if he was trying to teach him how to be more villainous. 

Beneath the wackiness, they’re both good in the ring and this was a perfectly fine tag bout to warm up the Raw crowd.

They did a spot where Ali tried to win through cheating with his legs on the ropes as he rolled up Lince Dorado, but Mansoor pushed them off. This led to a heated exchange but not a distraction finish as you might expect.

Instead, the finish saw Mansoor blind tag in and hit his springboard neckbreaker on Dorado to pick up the win. Ali looked annoyed and continued to argue despite the win, but Mansoor celebrated and took the plaudits anyway.

Final Thoughts:

This was a decent episode with two good matches, but there was nothing here to go out of your way to seek out. They seem determined not to do anything with Ali despite his obvious talent and charisma. You’d think with five hours of weekly television on Mondays and Fridays, they could find room for the likes of Hardy and Ali.