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WWE Main Event results: Mike Kanellis makes his show debut


The Big Takeaway: After the Superstar Shakeup, the show had a slightly fresher feel with Mike Kanellis and Zack Ryder opening up the episode and Percy Watson joining Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness on commentary.


The show opened up with a tribute to Bruno Sammartino.

Nigel McGuinness was back this week after having taken time off to spend with his newborn daughter, Amelia. Percy Watson joined the team to make it the latest WWE show to feature a three-man commentary booth.

Zack Ryder defeated Mike Kanellis (5:10)

Ryder twisted his knee here in his first week back as a member of the Raw roster but took to Twitter to explain that although he is hurt, it is nothing too serious.

While you have to go back as far as October 2016 to see Ryder on Main Event, this match marked Kanellis’ debut on the show. They worked well together, with McGuinness really putting over Kanellis strong on commentary.

After a solid back-and-forth match, the finish saw Ryder reverse a suplex attempt by Kanellis into a neckbreaker. Ryder got a near fall, then Kanellis sent Ryder headfirst into the top turnbuckle. Ryder blocked a roll-up attempt by Kanellis and hit the Rough Ryder for the win.

The Revival defeated Heath Slater & Rhyno (7:24)

The Revival have been on a good winning run on Main Event of late. While over on Raw, they have taken some losses, most recently to the likes of Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt, here they have been a dominant force in recent weeks.

This one went longer than the typical key matches normally go, with a lot of selling from both sides. There was little to report here from two teams that are used to facing each other fairly regularly, but The Revival looked like slick operators who certainly make a good case for a main roster push.

They built to a finish where Slater hit a neckbreaker on Dash Wilder for a near fall. Scott Dawson then pulled Rhyno off the apron and Slater reversed a back suplex attempt into a crossbody on Wilder. After another two count, Slater locked in a headlock, but Wilder pushed him to the ropes so that Dawson could blind tag in.

Dawson and Wilder hit their Shatter Machine finisher on Slater -- and Dawson hurriedly scrambled across the ring to cover him for the win.