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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet vs. Garza, Carrillo vs. Tucker

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The Big Takeaway:

Tucker debuted as a heel singles competitor, losing to Humberto Carrillo in a perfectly acceptable opener before Ricochet took care of business against Angel Garza in a really strong featured contest.


Humberto Carrillo defeated Tucker (6:02)

Tucker and Otis had matches on Main Event a few times over the last year, but Tucker's defeat here marked both his singles show debut and just his second ever WWE singles match. 

Carrillo doesn’t miss many weeks on this show. He’s had 18 matches this year on Main Event winning nine of them and apart from still being guilty of overselling at times, he’s pretty damn good.

The result was a little strange, but they worked the usual WWE methodical style, pulling off the smoldering heel vs. the plucky, high-flying babyface dynamic pretty well in the time that they had. 

In the end, it was a top rope battle as Tucker crotched Carrillo and looked for a superplex, but Carrillo maintained his footing and grabbed a sunset flip, rolling Tucker up for the surprise win.

Ricochet defeated Angel Garza (8:35)

Ricochet hasn’t lost on Main Event since June and has been somewhat of a regular since March. An affable and grateful guy at the best of times, he’s perhaps starting to show that he feels its time they did something with him. 

WWE tweeted that this past week marked one year since he took on Drew McIntyre on Raw. Ricochet took the bait and bit with a ‘maybe it’s time for a rematch??’ response. The double question mark says it all and it doesn’t take much of an imagination to envisage the kinds of comments it drew. 

He and Garza was a lot of fun as you might expect. Although this would easily sit alongside anything on Raw right now, their match went quite long for a Main Event bout and just started to get pretty good as they went home.

It felt as though this could go either way as the story of the match was about them going toe-to-toe. After a close near fall, Garza went for the Wing Clipper and hit him with a pop-up knee strike, but Ricochet had enough left to hit a clothesline and connect with the Kick Back for the win.

More of this each week would be fine by me, but, like a lot of these matches, if they let them off the leash and gave them time, they would likely produce something stellar.

Final Thoughts:

The cynics may think that Tucker’s reward for turning heel on Otis was to work Main Event this week, but with no house shows right now, wrestlers trialling new characters or tag teams splitting and working as singles have nowhere else to go.