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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet vs. Mustafa Ali

WWE Main Event

The Big Takeaway:

Humberto Carrillo picked up a rare win against Akira Tozawa in a decent opening bout and Ricochet eventually bested Mustafa Ali in an excellent match to close out the show.


Humberto Carrillo defeated Akira Tozawa (5:40)

Carrillo’s career seems to have stalled again for the time being. After having flirted with regular Raw TV time that culminated in a gauntlet match in April, he now finds himself firmly back on Main Event as a regular.

So a win here against Tozawa, which would only be his second since April, was much needed. Tozawa, though, is another performer who find himself in a stop in place situation, stuttering with occasional Raw spots that have lately leaned towards comedy and 24/7 title action.

After lots of back and forth, Tozawa took a springboard back elbow and then Carrillo got him up on to his shoulders in a torture rack position, launching him to the mat face-first in what looked like a new finisher. 

This could have gone longer but was fine while it lasted. Carrillo still oversells, but Tozawa sells really well and made his opponent look good here.

Ricochet defeated Mustafa Ali (7:50)

If things were different, or if this was any other promotion, Ricochet vs. Mustafa Ali is a PPV-caliber match. The pair’s fist bump on the bell explained partly why it isn’t one in WWE, but that it found itself tucked away on a show like Main Event with a very limited viewership is a waste.

Regardless, it's time they did something with Ricochet that doesn’t involve him jobbing on Raw or working every other week on Main Event. 

As you would expect, these two were great together and worked a really good match with loads of flair and pace that came in just shy of the eight minute mark. Had they double that time to work, it still wouldn’t have been too long.

The last minute was especially fantastic with the two exchanging big moves and near falls. Ricochet nailed Ali with a brainbuster and Ali came off the rope to roll through and hit Ricochet with a powerbomb. Ricochet got the win in the end with a spike rana and Recoil combination to end a very fine match. They gave respect to each other on the apron as Ricochet's music played. Catch this one if you can.

Final Thoughts:

Main Event seems to have reverted back to being a show where the same small pool of wrestlers trade wins and losses each week, when it had been quite a fresh looking product during the spring and summer months. Of all of these men, though, Ricochet has to be used for something worthwhile and hopefully soon.