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WWE Main Event results: Veer Mahaan vs. T-Bar


Happy holidays, everyone! This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before Monday’s Raw.

Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez defeated Akira Tozawa & R-Truth (5:30)

This was fine when it was Truth and Tozawa working with Crews, but Azeez is just ugly in every sense of the word.

At the bell as Truth sized up Azeez, he realized that he hadn’t wished us all a Merry Christmas. As Truth was wishing it to everyone, he hit Azeez with a comedy slap and that led to him getting nailed with a huge forearm to the head.

Truth and Tozawa actually took a lot of this one, beating up Crews and looking good while doing it. But eventually Azeez came in and cleaned house before he hit a sloppy looking backbreaker on Tozawa.

It was the Nigerian Nail that finished this one, but Azeez seemed to forget how you actually pin a guy in professional wrestling. The ref waited for him to ensure that both of Tozawa’s shoulders were on the mat before he counted the three in a weird sequence.

Veer Mahaan defeated T-Bar (7:29)

This was two big dudes that were both playing babyfaces, both wearing face paint and both trying to get some screen time. Actually, it was perfectly fine.

T-Bar has had just over a year on the main roster now and must be wondering what is next for him. Like a lot of guys in his position, a move back to NXT wouldn’t necessarily be the end of the world.

The best spot was just before the commercial break when he dodged Mahaan’s charge and Mahaan got absolutely nailed on the ring post. The audio made it sound seriously nasty and Mahaan sold it well from there on in.

Apart from a rest hold, it was pretty much big power move after big power move from both men. T-Bar tried to end it with a sit-out chokeslam and Mahaan unsuccessfully tried to land the Million Dollar Arm.

In the end, Veer used a new finisher to get the victory, reminiscent of a Sister Abigail meets a Cross Rhodes that was essentially was spinning inverted DDT. We’ll see if this becomes his go-to finisher from here on out.

Final Thoughts:

As we end 2021, we seem to have reverted back to the norm on Main Event: no new faces and a tiny pool of around six guys thrown together in various and wonderful combinations each week, all trading meaningless wins and losses. Credit where it's due, Mahaan is improving but one thing’s for sure: Raw needs something right now and it ain’t him.