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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results: Naomi/Uso vs. Lana/Rusev


The second season of the mixed tag team tournament continued with two more bouts and even more gaga in the third week of first round matches. This episode of WWE Mixed Match Challenge from Portland featured platonic friends battling a team plagued by dissension in the Raw block match. In the Smackdown block, the battle of married couples turned into an impromptu dance-off.

Bayley & Finn Balor defeated Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal (w/ Sunil Singh)

Bayley pinned Fox with a belly-to-belly suplex. The tension within Mahalicia continued as Fox and Singh argued during the match. That would ultimately benefit the team known as B’N’B. They go to 1-0 while Mahalicia drops to 0-2.

Fox and Bayley squared off at the outset. Fox teased wanting to fight Balor instead, and she called him chicken. After she chopped Balor, Bayley rolled her up for a two count. Fox got a near fall off a roll-up a few moments later. Fox briefly worked over Bayley before a hot tag.

Balor cleaned house after tagging in. A slingblade and a shotgun dropkick set up Balor climbing the turnbuckles. Fox shook the ropes to trip up Balor. Fox tagged in only to meet the fury of Bayley. A high cross body netted Bayley a two count.

Fox was sent outside where she began arguing with Singh. That led to Bayley giving Singh a belly-to-belly suplex. Balor went flying over the ropes into a tope con hilo. Then, a Bayley-to-Belly suplex on Fox allowed Bayley to score the pinfall.

Naomi & Jimmy Uso defeated Lana & Rusev

Naomi pinned Lana with a roll-up. The match between married couples was mostly gaga. Much of the story revolved around a dance contest. No official winner for the dance-off, but Day One Glow still won the match over Ravishing Rusev Day. Lana & Rusev debut in the second season going 0-1. Naomi & Jimmy improve to 1-1.

Naomi taunted Lana early on with her dance moves. Lana fired up before breakdancing. She also twerked. Uso then suggested a dance-off. Rusev agreed as the fans chanted “dance-off”. The lights dimmed and a dance battle was on.

Naomi and Lana took turns dancing. There was more breakdancing from Lana. Naomi answered with a worm. Rusev declared his wife the winner. Uso did the same for his wife. Rusev and Uso would then have their own dance-off -- or so it seemed.

Meanwhile, Aiden English in the comments section on Facebook posted a link to the supposedly scandalous video from Milwaukee.

Uso broke out his dance moves. Rusev looked to follow suit. They teased doing the Rikishi-Too Cool dance routine. Uso put shades on Rusev like he was Rikishi. Rusev then heeled on him with a cheapshot kick.

Naomi ran wild on Lana. Rusev rushed in to break up a pinning attempt -- only to eat a superkick moments later. Lana used an X-factor for a near fall. Uso caused a distraction by getting on the house microphone to taunt Lana. Naomi with a schoolgirl rolled up a distracted Lana for the pin.

On the next episode of Mixed Match Challenge, Monster Eclipse (Ember Moon & Braun Strowman) face the team of B’N’B (Bayley & Finn Balor) in the Raw block match. For the Smackdown block, Phenomenal Flair (Charlotte Flair & AJ Styles) meet Fabulous Truth (Carmella & R-Truth).