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WWE Raw live results: Bobby Lashley addresses his actions


Date: December 13, 2021
Location: Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, MN 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Riddle (babyface) lost and his partner Randy Orton (babyface) was laid out afterwards. Bianca Belair (babyface) won her match but was laid out afterwards. Liv Morgan (babyface) started a fight but was beat up and laid out. Finn Bálor (babyface) lost by distraction before getting embarrassed post-match. Rhea Ripley (babyface) also lost by distraction after her partner Nikki ASH (babyface) failed to help her. Edge (babyface) was laid out. Big E (babyface) lost to someone who had already wrestled twice. 

Bobby Lashley (heel) won three different singles matches (including the match over Big E) and was added to the WWE Championship match at Day 1.  

Show Recap -- 

They’re doing that thing where they’re only filming one side of the arena. You can guess what that means. 

Bobby Lashley and MVP promo 

They called Lashley the most dangerous man in WWE and people were afraid to even say his name. MVP said Lashley was disrespected and should be added to the title match at Day 1. 

Kevin Owens interrupted. Owens informed them that he wasn’t being disrespectful to Lashley last week. In fact, he hasn’t thought about anything Lashley has done in about two years. Owens said he and Rollins earned their title shots but Lashley has not. 

Owens called himself the greatest superstar in history and wanted to give the fans a champion they can be happy about. (He was getting cheered and it sounded like they added booing to drown it out.) Owens didn’t think Lashley should be added to the match and was ready to go to Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce. 

Seth Rollins interrupted and Lashley dared them to fight. Owens thought it was a good idea if he and Rollins fought Lashley together because he can’t take them both. Owens told Rollins to go into the ring first but Rollins wasn’t biting. 

They argued for a bit until Big E interrupted. Big E called them all idiots. He reminded Lashley that he beat him to become champion and beat him inside of a steel cage. He had no problem doing it again. 

Pearce and Deville interrupted. They announced that Lashley will be added to the title match at Day 1 if he can beat Big E, Rollins and Owens in separate singles matches tonight. Lashley seemed perfectly fine with this. 


Earlier today, Randy Orton asked Riddle why he still had the sport coats from last week. Riddle wanted to reminisce over last week but Orton told him he should be getting ready for his match. Riddle thought they should become podcasters especially after seeing Pat McAfee’s new deal. 

Riddle also thought it would be great if he was on Jackass. Orton thought that made sense considering Riddle was a jackass. Orton told him to impress against Otis tonight, and if he does, Orton would consider wearing the sport coat again. 


Owens and Rollins complained to Deville and Pearce. After they left, Big E said he would remain champion after Day 1 no matter what happens. 


The commentators mentioned that the finals of the tag tournament have been delayed two weeks “due to injury.” That was the extent of the explanation. 

Otis (w/Chad Gable) defeated Tag Team Champion Riddle (w/Randy Orton) (7:24) 

Otis slammed Riddle into the barricade which led to a break less than two minutes into the match. After the break, Orton actually got out of his chair to rally the crowd behind Riddle. Riddle avoided a charge and fought back with strikes but Otis blocked an RKO attempt and hit a World’s Strongest Slam for the clean pinfall win. 

After the match, Orton tried to give Otis an RKO but Otis pushed him into Gable who ate an RKO instead. Otis decked Orton with a back elbow before leaving with Gable. 


Doudrop has new music and it actually isn’t generic-sounding. 

Bianca Belair defeated Doudrop (10:31) 

Doudrop placed Belair upside down over the top rope and wrenched her legs before kicking her in the forehead. Doudrop followed with an elbow drop which sent Belair to the outside and us to a commercial break. Belair fought back after the break but Doudrop cut her off with a Michinoku Driver for two, followed by a back suplex for two. 

Doudrop went up for a Vader Bomb but Belair countered into a powerbomb and followed with a 450 splash for the pinfall win. The crowd popped big for the finish. 

As Belair celebrated post-match, Doudrop decked her from behind. (Belair was already at the stage, so I’m not sure how she didn’t see Doudrop get behind her.) 


Kevin Owens told Kevin Patrick that this entire situation was trash, the fact that he had to wrestle Lashley first was trash, and the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota was trash. He planned on putting an end to this whole thing by beating Lashley right now. 

[Second Hour] 

The commentators announced the 15 college athletes joining the WWE NIL program. 

They showed Gable Steveson in the front row and the crowd cheered. Owens was looking in his direction and appeared unimpressed. Lashley and MVP bumped fists with Steveson during their entrance. 

(The commentators are being filmed from a lower angle than usual, probably so you can’t see that the second deck is empty.) 

Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeated Kevin Owens (4:33) 

Lashley avoided a senton and Owens crashed against the mats outside the ring. Lashley also tackled him into the barricade. Owens quickly recovered and hit a superkick in the ring. Owens drove Lashley shoulder-first into the post before hitting a cannonball and senton for just a one count. Owens hit a tornado DDT and barely got a two count. 

Lashley followed with shoulder tackles, a neckbreaker and a Dominator. Owens tried fighting back but Lashley blocked a stunner and hit a spinebuster. 

Lashley went for the Hurt Lock and Owens tapped out before he even locked it in (to avoid getting injured, which the announcers acknowledged). 

They cut to Rollins who was pissed because Owens didn’t even try. Deville let him know that he was next. 


Veer Mahaan is coming to Raw. 

Becky Lynch promo 

Lynch said last Monday was a big night for Liv Morgan because they had a great match but Lynch was still standing here as champion just like she said she would be. She acknowledged that some people were happy that she retained but others would be happy if Morgan won. However, if Morgan had won, the fans would just find some reason to dislike her. 

The fans had a lot of opinions on how Lynch should do her job but they’ve never been in the ring, they’ve never changed the game and they’ve never broken down gender barriers. Lynch showed a picture of the disappointed fan from last week before saying she’d be champion for a very long time. 

Morgan interrupted. She said the fans were tired of hearing Lynch’s broken record. Morgan said the fans weren’t doubting her, only Lynch was doubting her which is why she cheated. She showed a picture of Lynch holding the ropes on the pinfall. (There was a young Becky Lynch fan screaming at Morgan and the camera tried cutting her out of the shot.) 

Morgan believed in herself, just like that little girl did (not the Lynch fan), and she challenged Lynch to a rematch at Day 1. Lynch said she didn’t cheat because she had to, she did it because it was easy. It was Morgan’s own fault for not being ready and she should have seen it coming. But Morgan doesn’t have the killer instinct which is why she did nothing about it. 

Morgan jumped in the ring and tackled Lynch before knocking her out of the ring. Lynch shoved Morgan into the post before stomping on her arm which was trapped in the steel steps. 

Lynch thought it was unfortunate that Morgan was suddenly injured because she accepted the challenge for Day 1. Lynch planned on going home to hang with her hot husband and beautiful baby while Morgan iced her arm. 


Sarah Schreiber asked AJ Styles about his struggles with Omos. Styles said it was disrespectful that Omos walked out on him but he wasn’t ready to give up on their team. He spoke about Omos’ potential, especially with his guidance. He’s had a long career and has never seen anyone like Omos. He didn’t team with Omos to help his own career, he wanted to see Omos succeed. 

Omos approached and asked Styles if they were good. Styles said he wasn’t giving up on their team and Omos felt the same way. 


Dana Brooke and Reggie walked through a snowy park. He wanted to offer her advice on how to retain the 24/7 title and asked if she’d like to do that over hot chocolate. She accepted. They ran into R-Truth and Akira Tozawa who were dressed as a tree and snowman. Reggie fought with Truth and Tozawa as Brooke ran off. Tamina grabbed her but Brooke fought her off. Brooke and Reggie managed to escape over a snowbank. 


Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler defeated US Champion Damian Priest & Finn Bálor 

This went through a break and Bálor ran wild on the heels following the break. Roode gave Priest a spinebuster outside the ring so Bálor wiped out both Roode and Ziggler with a flip dive. 

Bálor gave Ziggler a shotgun dropkick but stopped what he was doing upon seeing Austin Theory who hopped on the apron. Bálor clotheslined Theory but Ziggler used the distraction to hit a Zig-Zag for the pinfall win. 

Theory took a selfie over Bálor but bailed once Priest hit the ring. The good guys just stood there and watched as Theory bragged about getting a selfie. 


Nikki ASH spoke to Rhea Ripley in the back. Nikki was showing self-doubt and admitted she hasn’t been sleeping well. Ripley told her that she wanted to be in a team with her because of the spirit that she’s shown. Nikki won Money in the Bank and beat Charlotte Flair to win the title, something Ripley herself couldn’t even do. Ripley wanted to see that Nikki again. Nikki appreciated the kind words. 

Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina (w/Carmella) defeated Rhea Ripley (w/Nikki ASH) (0:50) 

This was very dumb. 

Carmella tried distracting Ripley so Nikki chased her into the ring. Carmella superkicked Nikki before Ripley chased away Carmella. Ripley kept her back turned to her opponent to ask Nikki if she was okay. Zelina used the distraction to roll-up Ripley for the quick pinfall win. 


Owens offered to be in Rollins’ corner but Rollins didn’t want Owens anywhere near him. Owens explained why tapping out early was smart and said Rollins should take his help. Rollins didn’t want to hear it. 

[Third Hour] 

Seth Rollins defeated Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) via DQ (2:21) 

Owens scampered down to ringside and punched Rollins in the face which caused a disqualification. Owens and Rollins celebrated because that meant Rollins technically won. Deville and Pearce entered and restarted the match, this time as with no disqualifications. 

Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeated Seth Rollins in a no disqualification match (0:07) 

Lashley immediately speared Rollins when the match was restarted for the pinfall win. 


Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez were having a meeting with Vince McMahon until Austin Theory barged in to brag to McMahon about what he did to Bálor. McMahon wasn’t impressed. Theory tried to reason with McMahon but McMahon told him to shut up. McMahon had an idea. He wanted Theory to use the deadliest weapon in the world. He pulled out a pencil and an eraser. Theory didn’t understand. 


Miz TV with Miz & Maryse 

Maryse insulted Minnesota before introducing Miz. Miz “announced” the first inductee into the 2022 Hall of Fame: himself. They aired a Miz video package and played the Hall of Fame music as Miz and Maryse acted emotionally. They toasted to Miz beating Edge at Day 1 and sending him into permanent retirement. 

Edge interrupted and got the biggest reaction out of anyone so far. He said sometimes the squeaky wheel doesn’t get the grease, sometimes it just squeaks and squeaks and squeaks and squeaks. Miz told him to stop. Edge admitted that he sounded annoying and that’s how everyone felt every time Miz opened his mouth. 

Edge thought people might appreciate Miz more if he just shut up and thought Miz was overcompensating by being an obnoxious jagoff. Edge thought Miz would end up in the Hall of Fame one day and he wasn’t taking him lightly. Edge did plan on knocking the stupid constipated look off Miz’s face. 

Miz chucked champagne in his face and attacked but Edge fought back and gave him a DDT. Edge went for a spear but Miz used Maryse as a shield. Miz kicked Edge in the face and gave him a Skull Crushing Finale. 

Maryse wasn’t happy with Miz. He tried reasoning with her until she slapped him. Maryse marched to the back as Miz chased after her. (Edge disappeared.) 


Rollins and Owens tried hyping up Big E in the back. Owens chanted “Big E rocks.” Big E told them to stay in the back because he would beat Lashley without them. 

Later, MVP told Schreiber that Lashley would complete his Herculean effort tonight. Lashley would make everyone bow down to him at Day 1. 


Non-title no disqualification match: Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeated WWE Champion Big E (17:44)

Big E immediately went for a table but Lashley knocked him down. Big E fought back and hit an STO before going back under the ring to grab the table. Lashley gave Big E a flatliner before wedging a steel chair between turnbuckles. Big E came back with belly-to-belly suplexes before driving Lashley into the chair. 

After a break, Big E hit a vertical suplex, clubbed Lashley’s chest, and hit an apron splash. Lashley fought back and drove Big E into the post. Lashley set up a table next to the ring but when Big E tried a spear, Lashley got his knee up and hit a chokeslam through a table in the ring for a nearfall. 

After a second break, Big E drove Lashley into the steel steps. Big E also slammed Lashley onto them and Lashley landed on the edge of the steps which looked brutal. Big E blocked a Hurt Lock but Lashley came right back with a spear. 

Lashley seemingly had it won but Rollins and Owens ran down to break up the cover and attack. Big E tried fighting them off but they overwhelmed him. Lashley went after Rollins as Owens continued to attack Big E. (Rollins held Lashley down in a front face lock at one point.) 

Big E put Owens through a table outside the ring and Lashley speared Rollins through a table set up in the corner. 

Big E went in the ring and was ready to fight Lashley but MVP hit him from behind with his cane. Lashley followed with a spear for the pinfall win. 

Lashley is officially in the title match at Day 1.