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WWE Raw live results: Crown Jewel go-home show


Date: October 28, 2019
Location: Enterprise Center in St. Louis, MO 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Raw concluded with a King’s Court segment where Lana claimed Rusev was cheating on her, and Bobby Lashley was the one who told her. Rusev was livid and beat up Lashley until Lashley eventually gave him a couple of low-blows. The show ended with Lana and Lashley making out.

Show Recap -- 

The announcers plugged Seth Rollins vs. Erick Rowan, plus King’s Court with Lana and Rusev. 

Paige entered to start the show. She said she’s been advising a certain team and was happy to be a small part of their success, then introduced Asuka and Kairi Sane. (Somebody on the announce team opened a can of soda or something without muting their mic.) 

Paige put over her team, then Asuka snatched the mic away to scream in Japanese. Paige took it back, then Sane grabbed it from her to say something herself. The mic fell down, then as Paige turned around to pick it up, Asuka blew green mist in her face. The crowd booed. The medical staff took their time helping Paige but eventually got her water and a towel. 

Becky Lynch came out and attacked Sane as the crowd chanted for her. Sane retreated to ringside, then Lynch went after both her and Asuka. They almost got the better of Lynch, but she fought them off and they went to commercial break. 

Women’s Champion Becky Lynch defeated Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane (w/Asuka) (14:45) 

The announcers mentioned that Sane was one of the very few to have a win over Lynch in 2019, one of the others being Asuka. Vic Joseph also mentioned that the women’s PPV Evolution was a year ago today. 

Lynch was fully in control until Sane escaped a Disarmer attempt and rolled to the outside. Lynch was distracted by Asuka as Sane hid behind the ring. Sane tried to blindside Lynch, but Lynch saw her coming and knocked her down. Lynch told Asuka that she still has a debt to collect, then Sane kicked her into the steel steps and they went to break. 

Sane was in control after the break, but Lynch quickly came back with kicks, strikes and an Exploder suplex for two. Sane then caught Lynch off the ropes into The Anchor but Lynch slipped out and followed with a running forearm. Lynch went for a vertical suplex but Sane countered into a DDT for a nearfall. 

Lynch dodged a double foot stomp attempt and hit a leg drop off the middle rope for a nearfall. Lynch knocked down Asuka on the outside, then Sane nailed her with a back elbow for an extremely close nearfall. Lynch then caught her in the Disarmer for the submission win. This was good despite some rough spots. 

They went to break letting us know that R-Truth vs. Buddy Murphy was up next. They might want to better utilize act breaks. 

Charly Caruso interviewed Truth who did some comedy. He purchased a pair of glasses so he could keep “both pairs of eyes” on the Singhs. Murphy interrupted him, annoyed that Truth wasn’t paying attention to him. Murphy said he wouldn’t forget him after tonight. 

Buddy Murphy defeated R-Truth (2:32) 

During the match, the Singhs ran to ringside trying to escape the usual group of losers. They all ran around and around and around ringside because they’re all really dumb. Truth got caught up in it and ran around too. He slipped back in the ring before the ten count, then Murphy hit him with a knee strike for the pinfall win. The losers ran through the crowd. Commercial break. This sucked. 

AOP promo. The did the latter half of the promo in English. They said they would own the tag division. They were good here. 

Street Profits promo 

The Street Profits entered through the stage, but then went into the crowd before dancing back toward the ring. There was a modest chant of “We want the smoke” (it took the crowd a while to get in sync). They talked about beating the OC last week with an assist from Kevin Owens. 

Montez Ford mentioned kissing a baby in celebration, and Angelo Dawkins mentioned being with a lady whose name he couldn’t remember at the afterparty. They issued a warning to any other team that wanted to fight them, then led the crowd in chanting “We want the smoke” again as their music played. They left through the crowd. 

These guys will probably get over to some degree, but this promo wasn’t particularly good. 

[Second hour]

Ricochet (w/Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Hart) defeated Drew McIntyre (w/Ric Flair) via DQ (17:02) 

Flair did not get an entrance. Hogan’s entrance was wrapping up as they came back from the break. The announcers wasted no time calling Ricochet a real-life superhero. 

As McIntyre made his entrance, Ricochet wiped him out with a flip dive. Ricochet shoved McIntyre in the ring and the referee thought it was fair to start the match immediately. Ricochet followed with another dive. He went for a springboard move, but McIntyre just grabbed him and dropped him rib-first over the top rope (Ricochet has athlete tape on his ribs). 

McIntyre took over from there, tossing Ricochet around. McIntyre stretched him over the middle rope, then went he let go, I’m pretty sure Ricochet’s head bounced off the camera lens because the cameraperson was too close. McIntyre hit a Hogan-like leg drop, then got in Hogan’s face on the outside. The crowd got into the face-off. 

McIntyre hit a Razor’s Edge into the turnbuckle, then posed like Hogan. Lawler mentioned how resilient Ricochet was as McIntyre continued to beat the crap out of him. Ricochet tried a counter off the turnbuckle but McIntyre kicked him in the head. 

McIntyre was still in control after a break until Ricochet countered another buckle bomb attempt into a hurricanrana. Ricochet followed with an enziguri, dropkick, shoulder tackle, springboard clothesline and Lionsault for a two count. Lawler said Ricochet was making him believe in superheroes and encouraged him to use his superpowers. 

McIntyre followed with an elbow and inverted Alabama Slam for two. Ricochet used a jackknife pin for two, then McIntyre turned him inside out with a clothesline for two. McIntyre suplexed Ricochet off the turnbuckle, but Ricochet then caught him with a kick. 

Ricochet went for a splash but landed on his feet after McIntyre moved, then Randy Orton flew in and gave Ricochet an RKO for the DQ. Ricochet landed right on his head. The crowd went nuts for this. Orton taunted Hogan, then shook hands with McIntyre. That’ll probably go down as an all-time great RKO. 

This segment didn’t do Ricochet any favours. His offense looked good as always, but he got beat up for too long. He also started the match by cheating to get an edge, then got taken down easily anyway. 

Flair was basically a ghost in this segment. 

AJ Styles and the OC met with Humberto Carrillo backstage. Styles thought it was cool that he debuted against Rollins, but if he wanted to prove himself against the top champion, then he picked the wrong guy. Styles challenged him to a match tonight. 

Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders defeated Rizzo & Bryant in a non-title match (1:59) 

“Rizzo” and “Bryant” were announced as the Chicago Cubs and wore Cubs uniforms and caps. The biggest/only pop of the match was for Ivar ripping off one of their shirts. Erik slammed both guys, then the Raiders used the Viking Experience for the pinfall win. 

Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) vs. Sin Cara (w/Catalina) 

Before the match, Caruso asked Sin Cara how he would counteract Zelina Vega. He introduced us to Catalina, who wore a mask and accompanied him to ringside. (They called her Catalina but the graphic for her read “Carolina.”)

Near the end of the match, Vega tried to take out Catalina, but Catalina grabbed her and slammed her into the barricade. Sin Cara was cheering on his friend so of course, Andrade caught him in a rollup with his feet on the rope for the pinfall win. This was a nothing segment. 

Triple H will be the guest on Corey Graves’ podcast this week. 

Charlotte Flair & Natalya defeated The IIconics (4:17) 

Charlotte and Natalya were shown walking together backstage before the break, and they got along just fine here. Are they friends now? When did that happen? 

Natalya won with a Sharpshooter on Billie Kay as Charlotte took out Peyton Royce with a spear. Charlotte and Natalya hugged. 

Rollins spoke with Caruso. He said he took this match tonight because, like Mark Henry, this is “what I do.” Rollins said he wasn’t stupid, he knew the Firefly Fun House would return, and it did. He said some other stuff and said he would burn it down. (The crowd booed when he showed up and booed louder when he mentioned burning down the Firefly Fun House.) 

[Third hour]

Universal Champion Seth Rollins defeated Erick Rowan in a non-title falls count anywhere match (15:03) 

On AEW Dynamite, there was a brawl that went to the concourse area with fans everywhere, buying stuff from concessions, etc. Here, the match also went to the concourse area, but because it’s WWE, there were stanchions blocking fans from getting anywhere close to the action. 

There was a merchandise stand with no fans, and the wrestlers had plenty of room to brawl. It looks totally fake, of course, because Rowan and Rollins somehow found the one safe area of the concourse area to brawl in. (This same thing happened a few months ago with Lashley vs. Braun Strowman.) Anyway, Rowan choke slammed Rollins through a table and they went to break. 

After the break, they’re all the way back to the ring. Rollins hit consecutive dives and tossed him into the steel steps. As Rollins went for another dive, Rowan hit him with the steps. Rowan slammed him into the ring post for two. Rowan tried a chokeslam through the announce table, but Rollins landed on his feet and curb-stomped him on the table for a two count. 

They fought to the back and Rowan tried to kill Rollins with a heavy equipment box, but Rollins ducked and hit him with a ladder. Rollins followed with a curb stomp on to the ladder. Instead of going for a cover, he rolled Rowan under a forklift. He yelled at the forklift guy to drop the forks on top of Rowan. He did, so Rowan couldn’t move. Rollins stood on top of it and the referee counted three. 

It didn’t really feel like Rollins won anything. Rowan was still squirming around under the forklift. Rollins should have just won with the stomp on the ladder. 

Aleister Black said the definition of madness was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result (incorrect). All of his outcomes have been the same, but he doesn’t want them to change. He’s not a madman and warned that his next opponent would get their head kicked off. 

The announcers plugged the October 31 pay per view. 

US Champion AJ Styles (w/The OC) defeated Humberto Carrillo in a non-title match (9:25) 

Carrillo was all over Styles, but just in time for a commercial break, Styles dodged a charge, drove him into the barricade and hit a tornado DDT. After the break, Carrillo went back on offense, catching Styles with a kick, dropkick and missile dropkick. He followed with an Aztec Press for two. Styles then countered and hit a reverse DDT for two. 

Styles went for the Phenomenal forearm but Carrillo knocked him off the rope and hit a moonsault for a nearfall. The crowd’s been quiet but they were into that nearfall. Carrillo came off the top but Styles basically checked him in mid-air, then applied the Calf Crusher for the submission win. 

After the match, Styles offered a handshake, but then pulled it back before Carrillo could accept. Carrillo responded by punching Styles in the face. Styles kicked his leg out of his leg and gave him a Styles Clash. They were about to continue the beating but the Street Profits made the save. I enjoyed this. 

(I didn’t mention it earlier, but there were a couple of segments earlier where Lana and Lashley hung out backstage.) 

King’s Court with Lana and Rusev 

Rusev came out wearing a smile and a three-piece suit. He’s grown in his beard a bit. Lana entered next, wearing a blue dress. 

Lawler mentioned Rusev still wearing his ring and wanting to work things out. Lana didn’t want to air out their dirty laundry in public but was tired of all the fans going after her. The fans booed her and she told them to shut up. She was here to tell the truth. 

Lana said their marriage was only about what Rusev wanted — which was to have sex with her. Rusev responded, “Well, can you blame me?” 

Lana said Rusev wanted to have sex with her in the morning, afternoon, evening, at the doctor’s office, at the arena, in the locker room, everywhere. She called him a sex addict. Rusev was caught off guard by this and got serious. She said all he wanted was to impregnate her. Rusev denied this. He did want a kid, but wasn’t forcing her. 

Lawler asked her if this was really all about Rusev wanting a kid. Lana said no. She said Rusev cheating on her, and Lashley was the one to tell her. Rusev couldn’t believe this or that she would believe Lashley. Rusev said he was “talking sh-t” (which the crowd popped for). 

Lashley’s music hit and he came out in his gear. Rusev went after him as the crowd chanted “Rusev Day.” Rusev beat him up, dodged a spear and gave him a Samoan drop. Rusev removed his wedding ring, showed it to Lana, then shoved it in Lashley’s mouth, which also popped the crowd. 

As Rusev put the boots to Lashley, Lana attacked Rusev with a Kendo stick. He didn’t even notice, which was funny. He eventually turned around and looked at her, at which point Lashley gave him a low-blow. The crowd booed. Lashley then backed into the corner and gave him a running kick to the nuts. 

Lana grabbed Lashley for a kiss and they made out as the crowd booed and the show went off the air. 

Final Thoughts -- 

Another skippable Raw.