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WWE Raw live results: Fist fight, Orton vs. Styles, Lashley vs. Rusev


Date: January 13, 2020
Location: Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY 

The Big Takeaway -- 

After losing a third straight match to Aleister Black, Buddy Murphy has joined Seth Rollins’ stable. Murphy assisted Rollins and AOP in defeating Big Show, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe in the main event, which felt like more of an angle than a match. 

Also, Drew McIntyre inserted himself into the AJ Styles-Randy Orton feud and won a triple threat match between the three men. It feels like they may be doing something with McIntyre sooner than later. 

Next week, Andrade and Rey Mysterio will have a ladder match for the US Title.

Show Recap -- 

Randy Orton entered as the announcers ran down tonight’s card. A contract signing between Becky Lynch and Asuka has been added. They said Aleister Black-Buddy Murphy was back by popular demand. Isn’t it because Murphy beat up Black last week? 

Orton received a good reaction. He said he was asked to come out to the ring and “excitedly” welcome the fans to Monday Night Raw, but “excitedly” wasn’t really his style and wanted to invite someone to the ring instead. Orton called out Styles. Orton wanted to show him why he was a favourite to win the Royal Rumble match. 

Styles admitted he thought Orton was hurt a few weeks ago. Styles didn’t think Orton was the favourite to win the Rumble and bragged about hitting the sweetest looking RKO ever last week. He said people were calling it phenomenal. Styles said he would throw out everyone from the Rumble, including Orton and Brock Lesnar. 

Drew McIntyre interrupted. McIntyre sarcastically said he overcame the odds against the conga line last week. McIntyre joked about Orton and Styles having an RKO-measuring contest, then said his Claymore was bigger. Orton dropped his mic in disgust over this remark. 

McIntyre asked the crowd if they wanted more talking or if they wanted a triple threat. They cheered the match idea. McIntyre entered the ring and the referee started the match. 

Drew McIntyre defeated AJ Styles and Randy Orton (10:22) 

Almost as soon as it started, the OC ran down. Luke Gallows pulled Styles from the ring, then Orton gave Karl Anderson an RKO. McIntyre took out Gallows with a Claymore Kick and they went to break. 

Orton set up Styles for a superplex with McIntyre hanging upside down on the ropes, then McIntyre sat up and yanked them both down with a German suplex. The crowd briefly chanted “this is awesome.” (This was almost immediately after the break, only about five minutes into a match.) They traded moves on the outside, then Orton clocked McIntyre with the steel steps. 

Styles then caught Orton with a draping DDT in the ring. Orton blocked an RKO, but Styles nailed him with a Pelé kick. Orton then gave Styles a Styles Clash (yes) for a two count. Styles used a schoolboy for two, then Orton gave him an RKO. McIntyre flew in and gave Orton a Claymore Kick, then covered Styles for the pinfall win. 

This was good, I guess, but surprisingly short. This seemed more about getting McIntyre a big win than anything. 

They aired an overly dramatic video recap of last week’s angle that resulted in Big Show’s return. They used music that sounded like the theme that played when Batman rode off on his bike at the end of The Dark Knight. 

Seth Rollins hyped up the AOP in their locker room. (They all faced the camera, of course, but Rollins was actually a step ahead of them, so he basically spoke to his friends with his back turned the entire time.) Anyway, Rollins said the world would learn what happens when you don’t embrace the vision of the Monday Night Messiah. 

Ricochet defeated Mojo Rawley (3:33) 

Ricochet took down Rawley, then did a little dance, which some members of the audience seemed to enjoy. Ricochet tossed Rawley over the top, then followed with a flip dive. Rawley took over after a shoulder tackle but Ricochet came back soon after with a Recoil and 630 splash for the pinfall win. 

The Street Profits talked about tonight's show and mentioned the Oscars, which they basically admitted was them forcing in a pop culture reference. 

Charlotte Flair defeated Sarah Logan (2:05) 

Charlotte immediately hit a boot and went for Figure Eight, but Logan bailed from the ring. Charlotte eventually went after her and they brawled. Logan seemed to get the better of it and pushed her back in the ring, but Charlotte gave her a backbreaker and applied the Figure Eight for the submission win. The referee helped Charlotte put her robe back on, then she tossed Logan over the top rope (because it’s Rumble season). 

Backstage, Joe told Owens not to worry about the rules of their match. They’re used to wreaking their opponents and leaving them in a puddle of their own sick, and that’s all they needed to worry about tonight. Show also told him not to worry about the rules because they have his 7X fist and he was ready to reintroduce it to Seth Rollins. 

[Second hour] 

Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman segment 

Heyman told the crowd that “y’all” need to show appreciation for their champion, then he insulted Kentucky. He began introducing himself, then called the fans stupid for signing along after he just made fun of them. They chanted “you suck,” so Heyman and Lesnar abruptly left the ring. They stopped at the stage and Heyman told them that Lesnar doesn’t suck. 

They re-entered the ring and the crowd loudly booed as Heyman introduced Lesnar. Heyman mentioned his spoiler from last week and they have a bit of a streak going with his spoilers. In fact, it might be the best streak in sports entertainment, and that’s because his spoilers were written by Brock Lesnar. 

Heyman said Lesnar wouldn’t just eke by at the Rumble, he would dominate and eviscerate 29 other very capable men. Heyman said we shouldn’t doubt his spoilers because only the “truth” spewed from his mouth. They were suddenly interrupted by R-Truth. 

Truth thanked Heyman for calling him out. He said Lesnar might be the favourite, but his childhood hero John Cena taught him to never give up. Truth declared himself in for the Rumble and the crowd cheered. Truth spouted a few clichés, then told Heyman that he (Heyman) would go flying over the top at the Rumble. The crowd and Lesnar were very amused. 

Heyman informed Truth that he wasn’t the one in the Rumble, Lesnar was. Truth said, “my bad,” then undeclared himself from the match. Truth admitted that he wasn’t listening to Heyman earlier because he talks too much. He was also mad about Heyman giving away all the spoilers. Heyman didn’t think any of this was funny, but Lesnar tried calming him down. 

Truth also didn’t want to go to Sioux Falls City. Heyman told him it was Suplex City, then said nobody liked him. The crowd booed that. Lesnar finally got in Truth’s face. Truth had one question for Lesnar — “What’s up?” Truth then sang his theme song as his music played. 

Lesnar seemed content for a moment, then decked Truth with a clothesline and gave him an F5. Lesnar grabbed the 24/7 title belt as if he might pin Truth, but he just chucked the belt down. He grabbed the mic and said, “and that’s what’s up,” then left. The crowd really seemed to enjoy this. 

After a break, officials were helping Truth to the back when Rawley ran out and booted him. Rawley pinned him to win the 24/7 title as the crowd booed. 

Earlier tonight, Charly Caruso approached Bobby Lashley and Lana in the parking lot as they arrived at the building and asked about their attempted wedding two weeks ago. Lana couldn’t believe she wanted to hear about that still. Clips from the wedding aired as they talked about what happened. Lana came to the conclusion that people like Caruso were just jealous, and tonight they would crush Rusev. 

The Usos will be on WWE Backstage tomorrow. 

Bobby Lashley (w/Lana) defeated Rusev (14:18) 

Rusev was in full control until Lashley gave him what was supposed to be a thumb to the eye, followed by a spear on the outside. Lashley was in control for a while after a break until Rusev dodged a charge and came back with clotheslines, a Samoan drop and overhead belly-to-belly suplex. 

Lashley ducked a Machka kick and hit a German suplex, but Rusev no-sold it and hit the Machka kick. Rusev set up for the Accolade but Lana jumped on the apron to distract him. Lashley chop-blocked Rusev, then they both went down after a double clothesline. 

With both men down, Liv Morgan (wearing all black) marched out to confront Lana. She dared Lana to do something. Lana grabbed a drink from the crowd and chucked it in Morgan’s face, then tossed her into the barricade. (I mean, Morgan did dare her to do something.) 

Rusev was distracted by this, so Lashley speared him for the pinfall win. Jerry Lawler exclaimed, “What the heck just happened?” Indeed. The crowd was silent for most of this match, which was only entertaining during the brief moment where the big men traded suplexes. 

Caruso said she had big news but she was interrupted by Lashley and Lana. Lashley said he proved he was the better man over Rusev, but they have a bigger problem on their hands. Lana ranted about Morgan. Lana offered a “mixed challenge” — herself and Lashley against Rusev and Morgan. Lashley didn’t like this idea because he just beat Rusev and now he’d have to protect her next week. Lashley stormed off and Lana followed after him. 

The Viking Raiders issued an open challenge. “New week, same story. Anyone who challenges us gets put down. We have proven our dominance throughout the entire Raw tag team division. Tonight, we dare any team to try and stop us. Let the raid begin.” 

Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders defeated The Singh Brothers in a non-title match (0:35) 

As the Singhs made their entrance, dancing to the ring, the Viking Raiders confronted them. Erik and Ivar picked up Sunil and Samir and lawn-darted them into each other. After the Singhs got tossed in the ring, the referee thought it was fair to start the match. The Raiders gave Sunil the Viking Experience for the pinfall win. 

Backstage, a pissed off Rusev said Lana and Lashley deserve each other and they were a waste of his breath. He said he would fight them in whatever challenge they wanted. Morgan said she was the living embodiment of Lana’s karma and not only was karma a goddess, she was an honest-to-god bitch. 

[Third hour] 

Women’s Championship Contract Signing 

Lawler hosted the segment. Becky Lynch entered first. As the crowd chanted for her, Lawler asked if she had anything to say before Asuka came out. Lynch contemplated saying something but shook her head and put the mic down. 

Asuka and Kaira Sane entered. Asuka grabbed the mic and yelled at Lynch in Japanese. As Asuka sat down, Sane sauntered over toward Lynch with an umbrella. Lynch stood up and snatched the umbrella away. Sane backed away out of the ring. 

Lawler asked them to sign the contract. Asuka signed. Lynch signed. Lynch said, “let the best woman win,” then Asuka blew mist in Lynch’s face, which only seemed fair after what Lynch did last week. Asuka yelled into the mic again before leaving with Sane. 

Lynch really sold the mist big, moaning in pain as medical staff tended to her. They poured water in her eyes and she yelled into a towel that covered her mouth. She brushed them off and demanded a mic. 

Lynch said when they give you all the money, awards and acclaim, it’s poison for someone who fights for a living, and now her veins were full of it. She was happy and content but Asuka was the most dangerous person she has ever faced. 

When someone puts their hands on her, they awaken an anger and badness in her. “They” have been trying to hide Asuka from her and she didn’t care if she was walking into a buzzsaw. She said she would go down swinging at the Rumble and would take Asuka down with her. 

Andrade will defend the US Title against Rey Mysterio next week in a ladder match. 

Zelina Vega told Sarah Schrieber that Andrade was a US Champion that Latinos could be proud of, unlike Mysterio. Andrade was man enough to win the US Title at Madison Square Garden, man enough to retain the championship last week, and man enough to rip the mask off of Mysterio. After Mysterio attacked Andrade and took the US title belt, they called the authorities on him. She called Mysterio a disgrace and a bad example to Dominic and the rest of his children. Andrade fired up and said he would retain his title in the ladder match. 

Elsewhere, Mysterio told Caruso that he was being accused of being a criminal and not being able to represent his people. Mysterio said it wasn’t funny that Vega said he was a bad example, nor was it funny that Andrade tried to take out one of the brightest talents in Humberto Carrillo. Mysterio was willing to sacrifice years off of his career and accept the dangers of a ladder match to regain the US title from Andrade. 

They aired a video package for Buddy Murphy vs. Aleister Black. Both men will also be in the Rumble match. Ricochet, Heavy Machinery, Dolph Ziggler, Elias, Rusev and Lashley are among some of the other names that have been added. 

Aleister Black defeated Buddy Murphy (13:42) 

Black was in control until the fight went outside and Murphy slammed him against the ramp. Murphy tried a move off the barricade but Black kicked his leg out of his leg. Black missed a charge, then Murphy dropkicked his face into the ring post (which Vic Joseph called a steel post, even though it’s obviously a video board). 

Murphy then suplexed him out of the ring into the barricade. After a break, they were still outside the ring. Black gave Murphy a double foot stomp, used a running dropkick to drive him into the barricade, then followed with a running knee. Lawler said these guys should come with a warning label. The crowd chanted “this is awesome.” 

Black used a series of strikes, then a springboard moonsault for two. Murphy tried a rollup while holding the trunks but the referee caught him, then Black caught him with a knee strike for a nearfall. Black went to the top but Murphy nailed him with a kick. With Murphy on the top, Black came back with a running kick of his own, sending Murphy out and into the barricade. 

They traded strikes but Murphy kicked Black in the gut as he came off the ropes with another moonsault attempt. Murphy followed with Murphy’s Law but Black just barely got his foot on the rope. Murphy tried to pick him up for another one but Black was deadweight. Murphy went for Black Mass but Black ducked and Black hit the Black Mass. 

That should have been the finish but the referee completely screwed up. He stopped the count at two, claiming that Murphy got his shoulder up, but he didn’t. (Murphy lifted his leg up slightly which may have led the ref to think he would kick out, but he didn’t.) Black hoisted Murphy up to his knees and nailed another Black Mass for the pinfall win. 

Another great match, but probably the weakest of the three (even if you ignore the finish). I don’t mean that as a negative at all. 

Lesnar will be on Raw again next week. Rusev & Morgan vs. Lashley & Lana is official. 

Erick Rowan defeated a jobber (1:16) 

A dejected Buddy Murphy was still at ringside, sitting against the barricade. As Rowan entered, Caruso appeared and asked Murphy if she could ask him a question. Murphy said, “Please, Charly, not now.” She gave him a pity tap on the arm, said “I’m sorry,” and left. 

Rowan won quickly with his claw slam. He reached into the cage during the match but whatever’s inside bit his hand. 

Six-man fist fight: Seth Rollins & AOP defeated Big Show, Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe (5:16) 

The match ends when one team cannot continue. 

Rollins and AOP jumped Show during his entrance. Owens and Joe ran out with kendo sticks for the save. The ref started the match when Show and Rollins entered the ring. Show attacked Rollins with the kendo stick, then snapped it in half. 

Owens and Joe fought AOP on the outside. There was a wild spot where Owens ran up the curved video board and took out both Akam and Rezar with a dive. Joe then hit a senton through a table. 

Rollins fell out of the ring and saw Murphy still at ringside. Rollins pleaded with Murphy to help them. Show chokeslammed Rollins in the ring and set up for the punch when Murphy jumped in and gave him a low-blow. Rollins and Murphy then pushed Show through a table. 

AOP continued to brawl with Joe and Owens near the announce table. AOP placed Joe on the table and slammed Owens on to Joe, which broke the table. 

Rollins tried a stomp but Show avoided it and knocked Murphy from the ring. With Rollins down, Show began climbing the ropes, but AOP grabbed him and powerbombed him. The four heels surrounded Show as the crowd chanted “let’s go Big Show.” Rollins gave him a curb stomp and the ref called for the bell. Rollins and AOP were announced the winners. 

After the match, Murphy hugged Rollins. The four men posed as the show ended.