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WWE Raw live results: WrestleMania 36 fallout


Date: April 6, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

The main event segment was footage from after last night’s show concluded. McIntyre had just won the WWE Championship but was goaded into defending the title that very moment by the Big Show. McIntyre resisted but eventually accepted and beat Show in about seven minutes with a Claymore kick. 

Raw also featured a nearly 28-minute match between Aleister Black and Apollo Crews that went through three commercial breaks. 

Bianca Belair is officially on Raw and Nia Jax returned. 

There was no update on AJ Styles.

Show Recap -- 

There was a video package of Drew McIntyre beating Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship. They’ll air footage from after the match later tonight. 

Tom Phillips noted that the Raw after WrestleMania is historically the most unpredictable show of the year. 

The Street Profits will defend their tag titles again tonight against Austin Theory and Angel Garza. 

Asuka defeated Liv Morgan (11:06) 

They went to break two and a half minutes into the match and about nine minutes into the show. There was a commercial for WrestleMania 37 next year in Los Angeles. 

Asuka was in control until Morgan hit a Codebreaker followed by clotheslines and a double foot stomp. Asuka came back with a German suplex and shining wizard but Morgan got a rope break. Asuka applied the Asuka Lock and Morgan tried fighting out of it but Asuka cinched it back in for the submission win. 

There was a video package of Becky Lynch beating Shayna Baszler. They aired a post-match interview that Lynch did with Charly Caruso. Lynch said it was good to be champion for a full year. Caruso asked if her counter into the pinfall was with her last gasp of air. Lynch said she didn’t do anything by accident, everything was calculated. 

Lynch called Baszler incredible but Baszler underestimated her. Tonight was a test of skill versus heart, and she had the heart. Lynch said if Baszler had a problem with the finish, she knew where to find her. 

They showed Baszler after the match, repeating to herself, “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” She then looked into the camera and warned Lynch that she would suffer the agony of her defeat. 

Raw Tag Team Championship match: The Street Profits defeated Austin Theory & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) via DQ (10:41) 

Zelina Vega wore her wrestling gear so the finish was no surprise. The heels worked over Angelo Dawkins for a while until he tagged in Montez Ford. Ford went to the top but Vega grabbed his foot so the referee called for a DQ. 

Bianca Belair entered to her music as the Street Profits cleared the ring. Belair informed Vega, “I go here now.” She said she was the strongest, toughest, roughest, best and fastest. She challenged Vega to get in the ring or else. 

Bianca Belair (w/The Street Profits) NC Zelina Vega (w/Angel Garza & Austin Theory) (4:18) 

Belair did an impressive press slam, then Theory jumped on the apron to distract her. The Street Profits attacked Theory and Garza. Ford tackled Theory inside the ring, so the referee called for the bell (DQ or no contest). I groaned. After the match, Ford challenged them to a six-person match. 

[Second hour] 

Six-person tag team match: Bianca Belair, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins defeated Zelina Vega, Angel Garza & Austin Theory (5:28) 

After all that, Ford made a hot tag to Belair, Ford and Dawkins chased away Garza and Theory, then Belair pinned Vega after a K.O.D. 

They recapped Aleister Black beating Bobby Lashley. After the match, Lashley told Caruso that he might need new management — or a new wife. Lana popped in the frame and excitedly asked them what they were talking about (she somehow didn’t hear him). Lashley said, “nothing,” and walked off. Lana was clueless and asked Caruso, “what did you do to my husband?” 

Aleister Black defeated Apollo Crews (27:30) 

Phillips said Crews was a great pick-up for Raw and came over “based on draft picks that were about to expire.” The announcers went on and on about how talented Crews was and basically tried to treat this like a special Raw-after-WrestleMania moment. 

After a break, Crews gave Black an overhead suplex on the outside. Crews later hit a moonsault off the apron to the outside and they went to break again. Crews was in control and fended off a Black comeback with a powerslam. Crews also hit a spin-out powerbomb for two. Crews missed a splash and Black applied a leglock but Crews got to the ropes. 

Crews ducked a Black Mass and hit an enziguri and they went to another damn break. Black used a leg sweep, running knee and springboard moonsault for two. Crews hit a dropkick and superplex for two. Black hit strikes but Crews caught him with another sit-out powerbomb for two. Crews did a press slam, standing moonsault and standing shooting star for two. 

Crews tried something off the top but Black caught him with a knee strike. Black followed soon after with a Black Mass for the pinfall win. 

They aired a video package of Edge beating Randy Orton. 

Ricochet & Cedric Alexander defeated Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan (3:31) 

Ricochet and Alexander took turns doing moves to Lorcan and it ended after Alexander hit a Neuralyzer and Ricochet finished him off with the Recoil. 

[Third hour] 

Phillips said they had nearly 14-million social media interactions during Mania. So, not quite 14-million. 

They recapped Kevin Owens beating Seth Rollins. 

Owens cut a promo “earlier today.” Owens has wanted to get his hands on Rollins and end this thing since November but he kept getting attacked and beaten down and wondered if it was worth it. Putting Rollins through the table, hitting the stunner and hearing the three count made it all worth it.

Owens finally got his WrestleMania moment and now can move on to bigger and better things. Owens said he used to call himself a prizefighter and maybe he should go back to that. Or, maybe he should find more guys like Rollins who he should go after. Either way, he would always keep fighting and this would be the Kevin Owens show. 

Seth Rollins defeated Denzel Dejournette (1:23) 

An unpleasant Seth Rollins won quickly with the stomp. 

Nia Jax returns up next. 

Nia Jax defeated Deonna Purrazzo (1:33) 

Jax used short-arm clotheslines, a Samoan drop and a cradle DDT (RamPaige) for the quick pinfall win. 

They aired a recap of AJ Styles vs. Undertaker in the boneyard match. 

Humberto Carrillo defeated Brenden Vink (3:22) 

Carrillo won with a moonsault. 

After a recap of Charlotte Flair beating Rhea Ripley, they aired a post-match interview Charlotte did with Caruso. Charlotte didn’t want Caruso’s congratulations. Charlotte learned from her father (Ric Flair) that the suit doesn’t make the man, the man makes the suit. And the championship doesn’t make the man or woman, the person makes the championship. Charlotte won the Raw title, SmackDown title, NXT title, and even retired the Divas title. Charlotte said Ripley was “alright,” but she bowed down to the queen like everyone else. 

There was another recap of McIntyre beating Lesnar. 

Main Event segment 

They aired footage from after last night’s show (about 20 minutes after). McIntyre entered to his music while wearing the WWE title belt for an interview with Sarah Schreiber. McIntyre said it hasn’t sunk in yet and hasn’t even talked to any friends or family. He did take the time to get the logo plates changed on the belt to make it feel real. 

McIntyre thanked Paul Heyman. McIntyre was ready physically and mentally and knew Lesnar was ready to go to war. McIntyre heard Heyman telling Lesnar to keep giving him the F5 because he wouldn't be able to get back up. McIntyre said Heyman didn’t know him very well. 

McIntyre’s life flashed before his eyes at that moment. McIntyre has had to fight in his professional and personal life for years. After each F5, McIntyre got angrier and angrier. McIntyre Claymore kicked Lesnar as many times as necessary and was the new champion. 

Big Show’s music hit and he entered with a referee. Show put over his win. He said McIntyre was a big man but was no giant. McIntyre knew where this was going. Show said he didn’t. Show wasn’t going to challenge him for the belt right now or at Money in the Bank, but did note that they were both in their gear and they had a referee. 

McIntyre said he was in his gear because he just beat Lesnar but wasn’t interested in fighting right now. Show accused him of being afraid. McIntyre wasn’t afraid of him or anyone else but wasn’t going to get talked into this. Show slapped him. McIntyre was pissed and removed his belt. The referee called for the bell and the match started. The title was on the line (even though neither guy explicitly said it would be for the title).

WrestleMania 36 Post-Show Match: 

Drew McIntyre defeated Big Show to retain the WWE Championship (6:55) 

For about five minutes, Show beat down on McIntyre who really sold it big. McIntyre slipped out of a chokeslam attempt and gave Show a scoop slam for a two count. Show caught him off the top rope and gave him a chokeslam for a nearfall. McIntyre ducked a right hand and nailed a Claymore Kick for the pinfall win. McIntyre retained. 

McIntyre held up his belt and they quickly went off the air.