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WWE UK tournament night two live results: Four title matches


The second day of live to tape UK action this afternoon on the WWE Network will feature a mix of UK and NXT talent, including yesterday afternoon’s UK title tournament winner.

Zack Gibson will get a chance to take out current United Kingdom champion Pete Dunn at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. After defeating Travis Banks in the finals of the United Kingdom tournament yesterday, he’ll ride that momentum into the title match that he’s earned today. 

Most interestingly, there will also be another number one contender’s match tonight to determine the next challenger for the championship. Travis Banks, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster will compete to see who will step up to the challenge next.

Other matches set for this afternoon include a women’s championship match, with Toni Storm earning a shot to face champion Shayna Baszler. Moustache Mountain will get a NXT tag team title shot against Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong while Wolfgang will face Adam Cole for the NXT North American championship.

Join us this afternoon at 3 p.m. EST for live results.


Moustache Mountain defeated Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly to win the NXT tag team titles

Things start off hot for the challengers, but O'Reilly cuts off Trent Seven and works on him with strikes. Seven manages to eliminate both Strong and O’Reilly but right as he’s about to tag in Bate, Strong on the outside takes him out. Bate finally comes in with the hot tag and clears house.

Bate airplane spins both guys but O’Reilly hooks in a sleeper to break it up. While in the sleeper, Bate grabs Strong and hits a German suplex, taking out both men. Moustache Mountain hit a double back suplex on O’Reilly but Strong breaks it up. They focus on Bate as they go for a double move, but Bate dodges and sends them both reeling.

Bate hits a giant dive to the outside on Strong then goes to the top rope. With an assist from Seven, Bate hits a knee from the top rope and Seven connects with a burning hammer on O’Reilly, pinning him to win the titles. Great match with a hot crowd.

Charlie Morgan defeated Killer Kelly

Both start off with some good chain wrestling. Kelly gets the advantage, locking in a dragon sleeper. Morgan escapes, but Kelly strikes Morgan with a boot that sends her to the outside. 

Morgan strikes Kelly with a superkick but Kelly comes back and goes for a straightjacket suplex. Morgan powers out and blocks a suplex attempt with a cradle, which gets her the win. Good, simple match that gets Charlie Morgan over. 

Before the match starts, NXT UK GM Johnny Saint comes out and makes it a fatal four way match. Noam Dar comes out, returning from a knee injury after six months on the shelf.

Noam Dar defeated Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews and Travis Banks

Everyone exchanges knee strikes as people try and recover. Webster meets Andrews on the top rope and goes for a hurricanrana but Andrews gets on his feet, then strikes Webster with a reverse rana. Dar comes in and takes Andrews down with a kneebar. 

Banks hits the slice of heaven but is still favoring his arm. Andrews takes him out but doesn’t connect with a shooting star press. Dar attacks the injured arm of Banks on the apron then hits a knee strike for the win. That makes him the next contender for the UK title.

After the match Joe and Mark Coffey run down and attack the other three competitors. Noam Dar made his exit, not interested in what was going on.

Adam Cole defeated Wolfgang to retain the NXT North American title

Wolfgang starts out on the offensive, striking Cole with a forearm, then follows with a double knee gutbuster. Being the bigger of the two, Wolfgang had no problem taking down Cole again and again. Cole tries to build some momentum, but is taken out with another gutbuster. 

Wolfgang went to do something on the top rope, but Cole met him with a superkick then follows with a backstabber. Wolfgang hits the forward slam and goes for a moonsault but Cole rolls out of the way. He repeatedly kicks Wolfgang until he first back with a lariat.

Heading to the top rope, Wolfgang launches off with a swanton bomb but Cole gets the knees up. He follows with what was originally the last shot, then hits the new last shot (running knee strike on the ground) for the win. Good match, weird dynamic. Cole is usually the heel, and here he was a total babyface. Crowd absolutely loved him too. Solid stuff regardless.

Backstage, Moustache Mountain were happy that they won the titles here tonight.

Aleister Black and Ricochet defeated Velveteen Dream and EC3

Dream demanded Black to be tagged in. Ricochet is soon in, however, and clears house. Dream takes Ricochet on the apron and drags him down, throwing him into the barricade.

Both Dream and EC3 work over Ricochet until he makes the hot tag to Black, who takes them both out with a double springboard moonsault. Dream takes out Black and goes to the top rope, but Dream hurts his knee and is unable to hit the purple rainmaker.

EC3 lands a DDT on Black as Ricochet comes in to lay his opponents out, with Black coming in to help. Dream hits a DDT of his own on Black, but he kicks out. Ricochet is tagged in but eats a rolling death valley driver by Dream. EC3 comes out and goes for the TKO but Ricochet fires back with a standing shooting star press. EC3 takes him out again, but when he goes to tag in Dream, he bails on EC3, tending to his injured leg instead.

Meanwhile, Black recovers and strikes EC3 with black mass, scoring him the win. Pretty good match, but felt a little long. Dream is still really green, but I think he’s improving in regards to in-ring work.

Ricochet takes the NXT title from the referee after the match and hands it to Black, perhaps a sign that soon he’d like a title match.

Cathy Kelly talks to Toni Storm, who says she’s been a champion all over the world. Baszler knows what she’s about. She promises to win the title tonight.

Shayna Baszler defeated Toni Storm by count out to retain the NXT Women’s title

They start off with some chain wrestling, with Baszler getting the upper hand until Storm escapes. More chain wrestling ensues until Storm is able to send Baszler out of the ring and scores a dive to the outside. Baszler avoids a running boot to the guardrail, with Storm catching her foot in the rail. Baszler pounces, attacking the prone Storm.

Baszler chop blocks the leg of  Storm as she begins to work it over. After some ground and pound, Baszler focuses on the leg some more. Storm manages to build momentum regardless. They both meet on the top rope, where Baszler plants Storm with a gutwrench suplex. Baszler follows with a kneebar. She escapes, strikes Baszler with a headbutt and hits the air raid clash, but Baszler kicks out. 

Storm bridges Baszler but is still unable to get the pinfall. Baszler catches Storm in the kirifuda clutch but Storm rolls over and grabs the bottom rope. Bazler latches it on again on the outside. Storm struggles to get to her feet as the referee eventually counts to 10, giving the win to Baszler. Really good match, Baszler is improving and is really good at what she does. Storm has a ton of potential, especially at such a young age.

Baszler jumps Storm after the match, putting her in the kirifuda clutch once again.

Pete Dunne defeated Zack Gibson to retain the WWE United Kingdom title

Dunne outwrestles Gibson to start things off. They travel to the outside, where Gibson trips Dunne on the apron and shoves him into the barricade shoulder first. Gibson works over Dunne until he strikes with a headbutt. He follows with a running knee to the corner and an x-plex.

Dunner latches on to Gibson and applies a wrist lock submission Gibson escapes, but Dunne counters and lays him out, then goes to the top rope and flies off with a moonsault.

Gibson starts to mount a comeback, driving Dunne to the corner and pummeling him with strikes, his mouthpiece falling off. Dunne calmly puts it back on and starts attacking, soon leaving them both on the floor. The two trade headbutts with Dunne getting the better of it. He plants Gibson with the Bitter End, but Gibson kicks out.

Gibson lays out Dunne and hits the ticket to ride. Dunne kicks out, but the Shankly Gates is immediately put on by Gibson. Dunne manages to get to the ropes.Gibson takes him to the top rope and hits a big helter skelter off the top rope. Gibson puts on the Shankly Gates again, but Dunne still finds a way to make it to the ropes.

Dunne is completely out of it at this point. He plays possum , grabbing one of Gibson’s fingers and breaks it. Gibson uses his feet to make it to the top rope, but Dunne meets him on the ground with a punch and lays him out with the Bitter End a second time to retain the UK title. Excellent main event match. Gibson will likely be a big deal on this brand.

Triple H and the rest of the WWE UK come out. Hunter says this is the next chapter of UK wrestling. This is your time, this is your brand, and we are NXT.